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Most popular FAQs

Why is my bill so high?
There are many factors that can influence the size of your energy bill and the cost of electricity is just one of them. If your bill seems higher than normal, or you'd like it to be lower, here are some things to consider.
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Here's why your bill might have been estimated

There are a number of reasons your bill might be estimated. The common reasons which may be behind your bill estimation are:

  • Issues with access to your meter,
  • Meter affected by fault or damage,
  • Issues with your self-read information,
  • Partial interval meter data, or
  • Other circumstances
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Will I be disconnected if I can't afford to pay my bill?

If you’re having trouble paying your bill:

Apply for a payment arrangement that allows you to pay off what's owing over time by regular instalments.

Just have a copy of your bill or My Account log in details handy to get started...

Set up a payment arrangement

If your circumstances change and you're unable to meet your payment plan, please call us on 13 13 53 as soon as possible . Together, we can find an appropriate payment solution to make it easier to manage your bills and avoid getting into debt.

Learn more about Synergy’s Financial Hardship policy

Other services and assistance that can help:

  • Arrange for automatic deductions from your Centrelink payments via Centrepay
  • Seek the assistance of a financial counsellor
  • Claim all relevant concessions you’re eligible for e.g. pensioner rebates Check if you’re eligible to apply for the Government’s Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS)
How can I tell if my bill is estimated?

You can check if your bill is estimated by grabbing a copy of your bill... 

Look for the 'How much energy have you used?' chart half way down the bill. 

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Struggling to pay your bill or suffering financial hardship?
Sometimes it’s hard to pay bills when they all come at once. We understand the stress this can cause. Giving you some extra time to pay, or creating a payment plan are some of the things we can do to help you manage your energy bills.
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Other FAQs

Will I still receive a bill if I switch to Paperless?

Yes. You’ll receive your bill by email (as a PDF attachment) instead of by post.

Your Synergy bill will look the same, but you’ll receive it electronically. You can choose to save, print or share your bill. Paperless billing allows you to manage your bill without paper (unless you choose to print it yourself) and keep your bills together online, through My Account.

In the future, if you decide to switch back to receiving your bill in the mail, you can do this – but please note a paper-based billing fee may apply. We’ll ask for feedback on why you’d like to switch back, to help improve our services.

I’ve logged into My Account. Where do I find my bill?

Select the ‘Bill and Payments’ tab towards the top of your screen.

From this tab, you can find your billing and payment history and download your current or past bills. You can download your bill in PDF, XLSX, CSV or XML format.

When will I receive my paperless bill?

Your billing cycle and payment options won’t change with paperless billing.

When your bill is ready, we’ll send you an email with the bill attached as a PDF document. You’ll also receive a direct link to view your bill online. 

If you register for My Account, you can log in any time to view your bill online and access your billing history.

Explore Understanding your bill to learn more about your billing cycle and what makes up your bill.

Can my bill be emailed to more than one email address?

We’ll only send it to one nominated email address to avoid confusion or payment issues such as double-payment. You can change your preferred email address at any time in the ‘My details’ section of My Account.

If you would like to share a copy of your bill with others, such as other people you live with, you can forward your paperless bill to others using your own email account.

What browsers are recommended for My Account and the Synergy website?

To ensure the best browsing experience, we recommend you download the latest version of:

  • Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge when accessing this website via a desktop or laptop
  • Apple Safari or Google Chrome when accessing this website via your favourite mobile or tablet device.

Some interactive features and forms across My Account use JavaScript technology - please set your browser preferences to support JavaScript.

Some browsers may not fully support JavaScript – please refer to your browser's help for more details.

Log in to My Account

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Why do I receive adjusted bills?

If you have received more than one bill in a billing cycle, this could be why:

  • Your Synergy bill is based on information we receive from Western Power - and sometimes they need to provide us with estimated data for your billing cycle. 
  • After your meter reading is available, this ‘substitute’ data will then be updated with what’s known as ‘actual’ data.
  • If we receive your actual data after we have billed you based on your substitute data, we need to then issue another bill. You might see a credit or a debit, depending on your actual electricity use. 

This is known as bill adjustment and means you could receive more than one bill within a billing cycle.

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Understanding my bill
The bills we send out have a fair bit of important information on them, while most of it is pretty straightforward; there are some things that may need a little more explanation.
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Why is my bill late?

To enable timely and accurate billing, Synergy must receive the correct metering data from the meter at your property from the network provider.

On occasion the provision of this data may be delayed for a number of reasons including but not limited to metering delays through the network provider, a meter change on the property, a product change on the Synergy account or metering data validation issues.

Recently, due to technical issues, the network operator has been unable to provide us with metering data for some accounts since the meters were last read. As a result, we’ve been unable to issue bills to impacted accounts for recent electricity consumption as per our standard 60-day billing cycle. This means that bills for impacted accounts will cover a longer period of time than usual.

Synergy is working closely with the network operator to assist and resolve the technical issue as a priority and we will issue bills for impacted accounts as soon as possible.

We do our best to avoid it, yet there are times when we have to disconnect the electricity supply to your property.
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What is a payment arrangement?

If you’re experiencing payment difficulties and finding it hard to pay your Synergy bill, we may be able to help you with an interest-free and fee-free instalment plan to help avoid disconnection. We will ensure any plan is fair and reasonable, by taking into account information about your capacity to pay and any debt owed to Synergy. This is known as a payment arrangement. 

With a payment arrangement in place, you could pay your Synergy bill and outstanding amounts off in smaller amounts over time, rather than all at once.

It’s easy to apply for a payment arrangement online – you’ll just need a copy of your bill to get started. We’ll let you know if your payment arrangement application is successful at the end of the process and the details of the amounts and due dates for instalments.

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Am I eligible for concessions?

Good news. If you have one of the following concession cards, then you may be eligible for a number of rebates that could assist you with paying your energy bills:

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Centrelink Health Care Card
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs Gold Card

Learn more about the different rebates and concessions you may be eligible for

Can Direct Debit payments be paid from any bank account?
Direct Debit works with most bank accounts within Australia only. Even better... we won't charge you any transaction fees if you nominate a bank account as your payment option (a small fee only applies to credit or debit card payments).

For any bank account queries, please contact your bank.

Can I cancel Paperless at any time?

Yes. My Account makes it easy for you to switch between paper and paperless at any time.

Just select Paperless from the right hand menu to cancel this service in less than three clicks. We’ll also ask why you’re cancelling Paperless along the way to help us continue to make our services even better.

Register for My Account

Can I download my bill in other formats?

Yes, you can download your bill as a PDF and in XLSX, CSV and XML file formats if your device or software is compatible.

XLSX, CSV and XML are provided as other options so you can download billing data in an easy-to-use format for financial systems or reporting. Many financial systems, such as MYOB or QuickBooks, support the use of these file formats to import or export data. 

Please refer to instructions from your choice of financial system relating to which format is required for that system.

Read more about the new file formats (PDF)

Can I get a discount?

If you’ve got a concession card, you could qualify for rebates that could make paying your bills easier.

Find out if you're eligible

Can I receive my bill notification via SMS?

Yes. As a part of Paperless you can also opt into receiving an SMS reminder when your bill's arrived and we will also send you a friendly reminder just before your bill is due so you can avoid any late fees.

Another good reason to switch to Paperless.

Switch now

Can my bill be addressed to both me and my partner?
No. It’s only possible to have one name on the energy bill. However, you can add your partner's name as an authorised representative so they’re able to make changes, updates and enquiries to the account. To add your partner to your account, please call us on 13 13 53 - just have a copy of your bill handy.
Does Synergy remind me if my bill is overdue?

If your account falls overdue, we’ll send you a friendly reminder via email if you're registered for Paperless or by post, if not. If you can, try to avoid your account becoming overdue as Synergy reminder notices can attract a fee.

If you need a little more time to pay your bill, you can request a payment extension online (just have a copy of your bill handy). If you're struggling to pay your bill, call us on 13 13 53 - we're here to help.

How are concessions paid?

Concessions will be applied as a credit to your Synergy bill to reduce the total amount you have to pay. Eligible concessions will be applied from the date the application was received and when Synergy has confirmed and approved your eligibility.

Check if you're eligible to apply

How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

The easiest way to cancel your Direct Debit or update your account details is via My Account.

Your payment may still be debited automatically if you cancel your Direct Debit less than 5 business days before your next bill payment or instalment is due.

How do I update my concessions?

The easiest way to add or manage your concessions is via My Account. Just have a copy of your bill and any eligible concession card/s handy.

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How does Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) affect my bill?

In a really good way! When the sun is shining bright, you'll harness the energy from the sun to power your home so you don't have to pay for any electricity during this time.

Whenever your panels aren't producing enough energy to power your home, we'll supply the electricity to your home instead. So you'll only pay for the electricity we supply you. Plus, you'll also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Any money earned for exporting energy back to the grid, will be displayed as a credit on your next bill. Once your credit reaches $75 or more... we'll deliver the money you've earned straight to your nominated bank account if you've registered for Automated REBS Payments.

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How to finalise a deceased estate

Losing a loved one is difficult and we are here to guide you through the process to finalise a Synergy account to make it as easy as possible.

Before we make any changes to the account, it is important for us to know if you are an authorised person on the account. If you are unsure, please contact Synergy on 13 13 53 between 7am until 7pm.  

Upon receiving notification of the passing of the account holder, we will respectfully close their account following the date of notification. Our priority is to handle the account with care, ensuring that no ongoing changes or consumption are attributed to the deceased’s account after the account has been closed.

There are two ways to finalise an account, so we’ve put together this information to help you through the steps. 

Option 1 – I am an authorised person on the account

If you are an authorised person on the account simply head to our Moving home form or log into My Account to close the account and then open a new account if required. Or, if preferred, you can speak to someone directly on 13 13 53 between 7am until 7pm.

You will require the following information to finalise the account:

  • Account number
  • Account holder name
  • Account holder date of birth 
  • Premise address  

Option 2 - I am not an authorised person on the account.

If you are not an authorised person on the account, don’t worry we may still be able to assist you with finalising the account - we just need some additional information from you.

We will require one of the below documents:
If the Public Trustee is handling the estate, they will contact us regarding the account. 
You will also require the following information to finalise the account:
  • Account number
  • Account holder name
  • Account holder date of birth 
  • Premise address  

To make it easier you can send your documentation to us at including your contact details, Synergy account number and address.  If required we’ll contact you to finalise arrangements in respect of the account.  Once the documentation has been emailed and is received, Synergy will provide an automatic reference number via email. Important: please ensure you keep this reference number.

This request will be processed within 7 business days.  

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How to set up a Synergy billing account

You will need a Synergy billing account for electricity at your new home.

We’re here to help you get it set up. To get started, you’ll need to have these details ready: 

  • Your new home address 
  • Your contact details
  • Your move-in date
  • Your landlord’s contact details (if you’re renting)
  • Your banking details or debit/credit card (if you want to set up direct debit)*

* Synergy Direct Debit Agreement terms and conditions apply.

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How we calculate your bill

The rates and charges for electricity are set by the State Government. Synergy uses these to calculate your electricity bill in two parts. It's a combination of how much electricity you use and a daily cost for your connection to the electricity network.

Your electricity use information is provided to us by Western Power who reads your meter approximately every two months. This is called ‘meter data’ or ‘energy data’ and is obtained from actual meter readings or estimated meter readings. Synergy is required to use this data when calculating your bill. 

This is then used by Synergy to calculate your electricity bill. We do this by applying your nominated electricity tariff or plan to the data, to obtain what we refer to as ‘billing data’. 

Western Power is responsible for the meter/energy data and Synergy is responsible for billing data.  

If, for any reason, you feel the amount on your bill is not what you expected, simply submit an enquiry online and we will review your bill.

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Is my payment number the same as my account number?

It's the 8-12 digit number, located top right of your bill (on the front page).

Where do I find my Synergy bill payment number

Your payment number is the 10 digit number located on the bottom right, below the dotted line, on the front of your bill. 

This number is generated each time you make a payment and is needed when conveniently paying your bill online using a credit or debit card. 

Is paying online using my credit/debit card secure?
We take great care to handle your personal details using up-to-date security technology. Data is transmitted using secure encryption. The security details can be verified by clicking on the padlock icon in the web browser. Payments conform to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. When conducting web payments, the credit card details are only transmitted between the browser and the payment merchant (Commonwealth BPoint).
Need more time to pay your bill?

Then we're here to help. If you need a little more time to pay, then you can apply for a payment extension in just a few clicks. You'll have the option to extend your payment due date up until just before your next bill is due to be paid. Just have a copy of your bill handy.

Request a payment extension

Understanding my solar bill
The bills we send out have a fair bit of important information on them, while most of it is pretty straightforward; there are some things that may need a little more explanation.
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What happens to my Direct Debit when I move house?

Your can keep your Direct Debit arrangement in place to pay your final bill on your existing account. 

When you move, we'll ask you to confirm or update your Direct Debit preference and details so we can make sure they're set up for your new property.

You can manage your Direct Debit through My Account, or you can contact us and one of our friendly colleagues will assist you to re-establish your Direct Debit against your account at your new address.

Manage your Direct Debit (via My Account)

What is a payment extension?

If you’re planning to pay your bill in one lump sum payment and need to extend the "due date" that appears on your bill, this is known as a payment extension. 

If you apply for a payment extension from Synergy before your bill due date and don’t already have a payment extension or payment arrangement in place, a payment extension can give you a bit more time to pay your bill.

It’s easy to apply for a payment extension online – you’ll just need a copy of your bill to get started. 

We’ll let you know if your payment extension application is successful at the end of the process.

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What is the difference between 'Account period', 'Supply period' and 'Charge period' on my bill?

Account period is the period from your previous bill to the issue date of your current bill. If the Account period on your current bill is '14 Sep 2017 - 14 Nov 2017', this means your previous bill was issued to you on 14 September 2017, and your current bill was issued to you on 14 November 2017.

Supply period is the date your meter was last read by Western Power, up to the current read date. If the Supply period on your current bill is '14 Sep 2017 - 10 Nov 2017', this means your meter was previously read on 14 September 2017, and most recently read on 10 November 2017.

Charge period is your billing period and includes all charges, concessions, rebates or discounts since your last bill.

Learn more about the other important bits of information on your bill

What should I do if I can't afford to pay when my payment extension is due?

If you’ve put a payment extension plan in place with us but you’re still finding it difficult to pay call us on 13 13 53. Together, we'll help find an appropriate payment solution - just have your Synergy account number handy (you'll find this in the top left hand corner of your bill).

At Synergy, we want to support you through difficult times. And we understand that sometimes, it's difficult to pay bills on time. That's why we've developed the Keeping Connected program - a service designed to help you:

  • Manage your electricity bills
  • Avoid long term debt
  • Keep your electricity connected.
When do I receive my Paperless bill notification?

With Paperless, you’ll conveniently receive your energy bill as soon as it’s ready to view. You'll receive your bill, attached to the email notification, as well as a direct link to view your bill online.

You can keep track of your payment due date in My Account, however, you won’t receive email reminders when your electricity bill is due. The timing of your billing cycle doesn't change when you sign up to Paperless.

Switch to Paperless now. Just have a copy of your bill handy

When is the money debited from my account, if paying by Direct Debit? 

The amount due will be debited from your bank account on; or shortly after the due date shown on your bill. It takes up to 2 days for this payment to reach your Synergy account.

When will I receive my final bill?
If you've submitted a move out request, we’ll issue a final bill and commence to close this account and terminate your contract after the move out date. It takes around 5 business days to process your request and you’ll receive your final bill after that.
When you can't pay your bill
Everyone’s circumstances are different and may change. So if you’re having difficulties paying your bill on time, it’s better to let us know sooner rather than later. We have solutions to help make paying easier. If you leave it too late to contact us we may not be able to help.
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Where can I find my account number?

It's the 8-12 digit number, located top right of your bill (on the front page).

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Why am I no longer receiving the Cost of Living Allowance (CoLA) payment?
On 14 May 2015, the state government announced increases to energy prices for WA households. As part of these changes - they also reviewed the eligibility criteria for the Cost of Living Assistance payment (CoLA).
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Will I still receive a Synergy bill if I sign up for BPAY View?

No, not directly to your inbox or mailbox.  When you sign up for BPAY view you are agreeing for us to send your power bill to your online banking portal which means you can access your bill through your financial institution and you will not receive a paper or paperless bill directly from Synergy. 

If you're signed up to BPAY view please be aware that you will not eligible for the following services - Paperless (including SMS), eConnect and Automated REBS Payments.   Should you want to opt in to any of these Synergy services, you'll need to contact your financial institution to cancel your BPAY view before we can opt you in to these.  

Will I still receive a Synergy bill if I sign up for Direct Debit?

Yes! You'll still receive a copy of your bill so you can keep track of your usage and check the amount due. We'll send it by post or deliver it straight to your inbox, depending on your Paperless preferences. 

Set up Direct Debit now

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