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Commercial solar

Most popular FAQ's

How much energy will my solar panels generate?
The more sun the better! Apart from the number of panels and invertor capacity of your system, there's a couple of other factors that can impact how much energy you produce. It all depends on how much sun the system can generate, as this will be more beneficial for your business than exporting excess energy to the grid.
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Other FAQ's

Can my business claim a discount or rebate if I invest in a commercial solar system?
For systems smaller than 100kW, you may be eligible to receive a discount if you want to trade your small-scale Technology Certificates.
Do I need local council approval to install solar?
This varies depending on your individual circumstances. It’s best to double check with your solar installer and local council before proceeding with a solar power system.
How long will it take to pay back my solar system?
The payback period of your system will depend on your business's unique circumstances. These factors include the amount of electricity your business consumes, what time of the day you use the most energy, the size of your system and the price you paid for its installation.  
With commercial systems drastically reducing in price over the past few years, the payback period for many businesses has reduced but not all businesses will benefit financially from investing in solar. 
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How much will my solar system cost my business?

Costs vary depending on the size and location of your system.

There are also many factors that can influence how much you'll save with solar including financial, hours of operation and available roof space. That's why we'll be upfront with you, if solar isn't right for your business.

By matching and designing a system that's right for your business, you're not going to be installing (and paying) for extra capacity that you don't need. Ask your supplier how to maximise the return on your solar investment so you make the best solar savings you can. 

What if Western Power doesn’t approve my business solar system application?

Western Power in some cases may not approve the system that has been applied for at the business premises. 

Where this happens, Western Power may provide various options, including approving a smaller sized system, or providing the option to upgrade the network infrastructure servicing your property, for a fee, to connect the system.

If your system application is rejected, ask your supplier to work through your options with you and Western Power.

What solar system will work best for me?
There are many different variables to consider when choosing the best solar power system for your business.
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