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What is My Account?
My Account is a  secure, energy management tool that supports you in understanding and managing your business's energy consumption.
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Why can’t I use my username and password to log in to My Account?

The security and privacy of our customers’ information is our highest priority and Synergy undertakes regular assessment and continuous improvement of our security measures, against best-practice industry standards. 

We have introduced SMS and email authentication to enhance customer security and this is now a mandatory step each time you log into My Account. 

You will no longer be able to log in with your username and password, instead you will need to provide your supply address (normally your home address) exactly as it appears on your Synergy bill and provide your phone number and/or email address to receive a one-time use code to log in to My Account. 

How many people can access My Account for business?

You can now have multiple people within your business access your business’s My Account, provided they have their details on file with us. For example, rather than all staff needing to access the My Account with a single login or password, they can now access the My Account using their own emails or mobiles if their details are registered.  

To enable additional staff members access to a business's My Account, your staff members will need to contact our business contact centre so our team can identify them as an employee and list them on the account as an authorised contact, along with their mobile number and email. 
To make the identification process easier, they should have a copy of a recent Synergy bill handy. 

Once an employee and their contact details are listed on the account, they will be able to log in via Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with their email address and/or mobile phone. 

How does Synergy’s multi-factor authentication for My Account work?

To log in to My Account, you will need to authenticate your account access using the mobile number or email address linked to your Synergy account. You will also need to enter your supply address exactly as it appears on your Synergy bill. 

The validation will send a one-time use code to the mobile number or email address that is linked to the Synergy account, which you will need to enter correctly before you can log on. You will only have 3 attempts of the mobile number and supply address authentication  , so please ensure you have entered these details correctly. 

The SMS or email code should be sent instantly, so ensure that you check your junk emails or spam SMS folders if it hasn’t come through within one minute of requesting it. The SMS or email code expires after five minutes and you will need to request a new code after that time. 

If this happens, you can click on the “I didn’t get a code” link, which can be requested up to 3 times per day. The number of remaining code generation attempts will show on the error message.

If you fail to authenticate your account after three attempts, My Account will be locked and you will need to contact us on 13 13 53 between Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm (residential customers), or on 13 13 54 between Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (business customers) to check your details and to reset My Account.

Can I change organisation name in My Account?
To change your organisation name, you will need to contact us on 13 13 54 to verify your business details before we can proceed the change. The terms of your existing contract/s will remain the same with the change of details and the previous bills shall remain in the same name prior to the change.

Other FAQ's

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (also known as MFA) is a security measure that requires customers to enter a code sent via text message or via email as an additional identity factor before accessing their account.

Why is multi-factor authentication required?

Your protection is our priority, we have upgraded your login experience to increase customer account security with the introduction of multi-factor authentication or MFA.

Are there any additional costs for My Account?

No, My Account is a free service for all our customers to make managing your energy use easier. If you pay your bill using a debit or credit card, a small transaction fee will be applied at the time of payment. There is no surcharge or transaction fee if you choose to pay using your bank details. 

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Can I view the Synergy website in another language?

Our website is written in English. If you require information in another language please call 13 14 50 to utilise our interpreter services.

My business receives a collective invoice - can I still register for My Account?

Yes, of course. The parent account and your individual child accounts can all be paid and managed through My Account.

You'll need your parent account number and business details to register for My Account. Any online payments made will be credited to the parent account.

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What browsers are recommended for My Account and the Synergy website?
To ensure the best browsing experience, we recommend you download the latest version of...
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Who can register for My Account

As long as you have your Synergy account number then you can take advantage of My Account - the easiest way to manage your usage.

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