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Are there any tariff based options available?
We offer a range of tariffs based on standard contracts, suitable for a range of businesses from small to midsized to large industries. Learn more about the tariff options available: 
  • Regulated tariffs for businesses spending less than $13,500 p.a. on electricity
  • Regulated tariffs for businesses spending more than $13,500 p.a. on electricity 
  • Regulated tariffs for businesses spending less than $6,400 p.a. on gas 
Can I switch to a different plan anytime?
Yes you can. If you’re looking to switch plans or move from a tariff to plan, simply call us on 1800 730 265 or request a call back to discuss the best solution for your business – we’re here to help.  

Termination fees may apply if you are switching before the end of an existing contract.

Can I switch to Synergy gas for my business?

Gas is available for Synergy customers that use greater than 180GJ (Gigajoules) each year. Plus, if you bundle with a Synergy electricity plan, we'll give you a discount so you can save even more.

Request a call back or call us on 13 13 54 to arrange a quote.

Can Synergy supply gas to my home as well?
Although the retail gas market is fully deregulated, the Government prevents Synergy from supplying gas to users who consume less than 180 gigajoules per annum.
How can I keep track of my usage?
In a busy work environment, it can be tough to keep track of your electricity or gas usage as your bill period progresses. With a number of employees and appliances all contributing to the load, how can you tell where the opportunities lie to save electricity or gas?
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How do I find out what energy plan I'm on?
Grab a copy of your latest bill and turn over to the 1st page.
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How do I renew my contract?
If your contract is up for renewal, contact the business team or your account manager on 1800 730 265 or request a call back and we'll be in touch. They’ll be happy to discuss your options with you and make sure you have the best energy plan for your business.  
If you are happy with your current plan, you can choose to do nothing and the plan will simply rollover for another 12 months.
How do I switch from a tariff to a plan?
It’s simple! Call us on 1800 730 265 or request a call back and we'll call you back at a time that suits. We'll discuss your options and connect you to the right solution for your business. 
How long does it take to switch my gas to Synergy?
  1. All we need to get started is your contact details and business name. We'll then request permission to access your meter details so we can better understand your usage and provide you with the right gas plan
  2. Once we’ve figured out your exact savings, we’ll send you an offer for you to sign and return.
  3. We can start the switching process – it only takes between 5-7 business days to switch to cheaper gas.

Arrange a call back or you can call us 13 13 54.

How often will I get billed for gas?
We’ll send your gas bill to the billing address we have on file, or to your inbox if you’ve signed up for Paperless. You’ll generally get a bill every second month.
How will I be billed for my gas usage? Will it be on my electricity invoice?
You'll receive a separate bill for gas and electricity. This will help with identification of your costs for different forms of energy.
I have a query about my gas plan

If you have a query about your gas plan please contact your account manager or call our business management team on 13 13 54. For more information about your gas connection:

Please note that prices are subject to change from time to time.

I use LPG (liquid petroleum gas) can Synergy supply me?
No. Synergy can currently only supply reticulated natural gas.
If I choose Synergy, will my gas meter have to be modified?
Many of the larger contestable customer meters are suitable, however, you may have to have your gas meter arrangement modified if it does not comply with gas market rule requirements.
Tips for choosing an energy broker
A good energy broker may help you manage your energy demands and increase your energy efficiency – so it's important to get the right one. Here are Synergy’s top 10 tips for finding a business energy broker in WA.
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Tips on choosing an energy provider
Synergy is WA’s largest electricity provider, supplying most of the electricity to residential and commercial customers in the south west of WA.

If you’re exploring different power supply options for your business, here are 10 questions to ask:

  1. “What is your cents per kilowatt hour (c/KWh) rate?”
    This is the best way to ensure you’re comparing the same elements when considering energy costs for your business.
  2. “How does our business location impact the price of electricity?”
    Check the provider understands where your premises are located, as this could affect the price they are offering.
  3. “What kind of service fees do you charge?”
    At Synergy, we charge service fees pro rata on a daily basis. If you’re evaluating a market offer from another provider, you need to compare their charges with the same number of days listed on your electricity bill.
  4. “Am I liable to be charged any extra fees?”
    Avoid any surprises later and make sure you understand any other fees that may apply, such as late payment fees.
  5. “Do you need a security deposit from our business?”
    If so, find out how much the deposit will be, as you’ll need to factor this into your business cash-flow planning.
  6. “Does your market offer include any extras such as bonuses or savings?”
    Over a period of time, any extras could make a real difference to your business.
  7. “How and when will we be billed?”
    Knowing your bill frequency and how you will be billed can help you to plan ahead.
  8. "How and when do we need to pay our bill?”
    Flexible options such as online payments, credit card facilities and direct debit can help to streamline your internal bill payment processes.
  9. “Are there any penalties for early contract termination?”
    If there is a contract term, find out how flexible it is before you commit.
  10. “What happens at the end of the contract period?”
    It’s important to know how the end of your contract will be handled so you can plan ahead to ensure your needs continue to be met.

Different providers may offer you different price structures, services or other benefits to encourage you to choose their service – so it’s important to consider your options carefully before making a decision.

Synergy tailor an energy solution for your business and provide you with the tools, services and advice to help you manage your energy - so you can focus on keeping your business in great shape.

To get started... explore our range of energy products or request a call back and we'll be in touch in one business day to discuss your options.

Top 10 tips for gas safety at work
Gas can play an integral part in fuelling your business from kitchens to boilers, heating and more. It’s important to check gas appliances are regularly serviced to keep your business safe and to prevent your machines and appliances from breaking down when you need them most.
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What fees and charges apply to gas connections?
Please consider the following standard fees and charges that may apply with our gas products:

Fees & charges 

Price inc. GST 

Meter testing fee. This fee is refunded if the meter is found to be faulty  $ 192.53
Rejected payment/dishonour fee (payment made at Australia Post)  $ 24.20
Gas reconnection fee  $ 21.51
Special meter reading fee   $ 16.63
Overdue account notice fee   $ 5.00
Cheque dishonour fee   $ 15.95
Direct debit dishonour fee   $ 15.95
Rejected payment/dishonour fee payment made at Australia Post  $ 27.50
Credit/debit card transaction fee - American Express   0.69 %
Credit/debit card transaction fee - Visa/Mastercard   0.69 %

We're here to help you find the best fit for your businesses - call us on 1800 730 265.

What happens if my business plan expires?
We'll still continue to supply your electricity and/or gas at the applicable out of contract rates or tariffs (if you're eligible for this supply) until your contract has been renewed. 

If it's time to renew your plan, get in touch and we'll help you find the right energy solution for your business - call us on 1800 730 265 or request a call back. 
What information do I need to get a gas quote?

To request a quote from Synergy you will need the following:

  • Your ABN/ACN
  • An email address
  • A contact telephone number
  • An energy bill issued by your current provider
  • The NMI or MIRN for your electricity and/or gas meter (these are unique identifying numbers that can be found on your energy bill)

Alternatively, if you don't have these details at hand, please request a call back or feel free to contact us on 13 13 54. We'll help find the right solution for your business.

What is a MIRN number?
MIRN stands for Meter Installation Reference Number - this is the unique number used by our gas supplier (ATCO) to identify the gas meter at your premises. Your MIRN can be found on your bill.
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What is a tariff (also known as a standard contract)?
A regulated electricity or gas tariff is defined as a standard contract. The terms of a standard contract are governed by regulations and must be approved by the Economic Regulation Authority.  
A standard contract outlines the standard terms and conditions for all customers who pay standard prices for their gas (PDF 272KB).  
View our range of government regulated tariffs for your business 
What’s the benefit of interval metering?
With interval metering installed, we can monitor your gas consumption more closely, even down to an hour-by-hour level. This lets you manage your consumption and reduce your operating costs.
Which is better for our business - a gas plan or a tariff?
If your business spends more than $6,400 per year on gas, there’s both a plan and government regulated tariff available. 
Synergy gas can offer tailored, energy solutions that include a range of benefits such as discounted rates to help save you money or fixed rates that allow more control over your energy costs with minimal surprises. 

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Who do I call if I have a gas emergency?
For gas emergency or supply faults, if you can smell gas, or if your gas supply has been interrupted, call ATCO's Gas Emergency Line on 13 13 52.
Will there be any interruptions to my gas supply when I switch to Synergy Gas?
As long as your gas meter can be upgraded to support an interval metering device, it’s unlikely your supply will be interrupted.

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