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Distributed Energy System (DES) application process

If you’ve decided to install a rooftop solar photovoltaic system (PV), battery system, or other distributed energy resource system, you’ll need to apply to Synergy to export into the grid and Western Power to connect it to the grid.

Synergy’s application process will let you know if you’re eligible for the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS). DEBS is offered to residential, not-for profit and educational institution customers (on either the C1 or D1 tariff) who install a new or upgrade an existing system with an inverter capacity up to 5kW. Eligible systems must also meet the API cloud or metering solution requirements for emergency solar management.

Learn more about DEBS here.

To start the DES application process, follow these simple steps:
(Systems less than 30kW) 

Before you apply

It is recommended your solar installer conducts a site evaluation prior to submitting your application with Synergy to ensure that the system is suitable and the most appropriate emergency solar management solution is selected or installed (if emergency solar management requirements apply). 

Apply to Synergy

Commence the DES application process with Synergy. The online form should be used for applications that are for:

  • New solar systems with an inverter capacity up to30kW
  • System upgrades, including battery installations
  • Systems meeting the API cloud or metering solution requirements for emergency solar management

For customers with existing systems and Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) who are upgrading or modifying their system, please review the REBS terms and conditions to see if you are eligible to remain on REBS or will need to apply for DEBS.

Either you or your solar installer can complete the DES application form. Following this, you will receive a Retailer Reference Number (RRN). Make sure you have received your RRN before continuing to Step 3.

Please note, for households who wish to install a rooftop solar PV system, but are unable to meet the API cloud or metering solution requirements for emergency solar management, export limiting is an available option. In this instance, you will be unable to apply using the online form. Instead, please apply using the manual Distributed Energy Systems Application up to 30kW form

Apply to Western Power to obtain approval for system to connect to the grid

Using your RRN, you or your solar installer will need to obtain approval to connect the system to the Western Power network, by submitting an Embedded Generation Connection Application.

You’ll be notified by Synergy when your system is approved for installation and connection to the grid and if you qualify for DEBS. Visit Western Power for further information.

Install your approved system

Once Western Power approves your Embedded Generation Connection Application, your solar installer is permitted to install your system. 
Important: Technical installation information for solar installers.

Register your system with Western Power

After installation, you or your solar installer will need to register your new system via the Western Power Embedded Generation Registration Form.

You will need the following information to complete the form, your:

  • Embedded Generation Connection Application reference number
  • New inverter serial number
  • Circuit breaker rating (if required)

This process may initiate a request for your meter to be upgraded or reconfigured to a compliant bi-directional meter, if you don't have compatible meter already. Please note, once Synergy has arranged for the meter upgrade or reconfiguration with Western Power, you may incur additional associated metering costs (as outlined below).

Where applicable, at this step Synergy will verify that your system complies with the the emergency solar management requirements.

Your application is complete

Once the meter upgrade or reconfiguration has occurred (if required), Synergy will send a notification to you to advise that your application is complete. Where no meter change is required, your application will be finalised at Step Five.

Apply now

Systems greater than 30kW

Get your Commercial Solar (CS) number from Western Power

To get started, contact Western Power to get a CS number which will be your reference number in respect of connection approval.

Complete the application with Synergy

Once you have your CS number, have the following details handy to complete your application, your: 

  • Synergy business account number (it’s in the top left corner of your bill)
  • Supply address
  • Phone number
  • Meter number
  • Solar provider's name and contact details
  • Solar PV system size
  • CS number (obtained from Western Power)

Apply now

Getting connected costs

DEBS administration fee
$14.45 per account
Metering costs to switch to DEBS
Meter upgrade fee: $101.30 (inclusive of GST)
Meter reprogram fee: $101.30 (inclusive of GST)
Communications equipment installation (if required)
Additional charges may apply in situations where Western Power deems it is necessary to install communications capability on the meter to take the required meter readings for billing purposes (e.g. because they have no access to the meter such as a 0160 meter typically found in lifestyle villages). Price on application.

Having trouble with the online form?

If the online form isn’t working, or you need an offline copy, you can download the form in PDF format here. Once you have completed the offline form, you can submit it to us online using the link below. Please note, this application form is for systems with an inverter capacity under 30kW only. 

Submit your PDF form here