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Register for life support

Some of the most important innovations energy has given us are medical machines that support life. We know that for some of our customers, keeping you connected is vital. 

If you or someone at your home uses life support equipment, please let us know by calling 13 13 53 so we can help keep you safely connected to power.

What is considered life support equipment?

Knowing more about your medical equipment means we can advise the network operator, WA, of your needs so they can prioritise restoring the power, your life-support equipment depends on.

The equipment listed below, currently qualifies as life support (as determined by the WA state government).

Apnoea Monitor (for children only)** Feeding Pump Heart Pump
Machine Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment (cycler or heater) Nebuliser (for children only - used every day for 1-2 hours per day)** Nebuliser (Adult - prescribed when a tracheostomy is expected to be in place for more than 6 months where nebulised therapy is required for life support purposes)
Oxygen Concentrator (Standard Capacity - Child)** Oxygen Concentrator - High Capacity 'New Life Intensity' (Adult)  Oxygen Concentrator - High Capacity 'New Life Intensity' (Adult)
 Suction Pump  Ventilator – CPAP* Ventilator - VPAP or BPAP

*Adult - only when clinically prescribed for adults with obesity hypoventilation syndrome, tracheomalacia, obstructive sleep apnoea with sleep hypoventilation, or other life threatening disease as determined by a respiratory or sleep specialist with usage over four hours per night. 

*Child - only when prescribed for severe obstructive sleep apnoea, tracheomalacia or other life threatening disease as determined by the treating Paediatrician. 

** A child is defined as being under the age of 16 years.

What we need to get started

Fill out the life support registration

To get started, have the account number for the home that requires life support equipment handy. You will also need a medical specialist to complete part of the form and confirm the equipment required.

The Life Support Equipment Application form has been updated. From 1 July 2024 all life support applications must be made using the updated form. 

Life support application

Send the form back to us

Save time and postage costs and use our handy online tool to submit your completed registration form. We'll pass these details on to Western Power so they can take in to account your particular needs in the event of a power outage.

Once you have submitted your life support application, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt within 1 hour. Please contact us immediately if you have submitted your application but not received a confirmation of receipt.

Register for life support

Create an action plan so you're prepared for emergency situations

We recommend that you talk to your medical specialist and put a plan in place for any unexpected outages. Here's some options to consider to start the conversation:

  • Always have an alternative power source nearby - such as a battery back-up system or a generator
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy - for your doctor, fire department, police and ambulance services
  • Know the location of your nearest hospital. Always have a phone available that doesn’t rely on mains power
  • Have a battery-operated radio on hand with fresh batteries
  • During a storm, listen to the radio to keep up with the latest weather conditions
  • Be fully prepared to leave your home if an extended outage occurs.

Check if you're eligible for a rebate

You might be eligible for the Life Support Equipment Subsidy or Thermoregulatory Dysfunction Energy Subsidy. These provide financial support to people who are dependent on medical equipment in their homes.

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