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Monitor & forecast your demand

As WA’s most experienced energy provider, we offer a customised suite of reporting tools so you can make an informed view of your energy consumption across all sites and understand ways to keep control of your costs.

Manage all your sites centrally

Keep track of your electricity and gas consumption across all your sites.

You can aggregate all your meters and easily download all your billing data, including your payment history, for your reporting requirements.

Manage your accounts

Compare your usage history

See when all your sites are using more or less energy day and night.

Better understand which seasons and busy periods impact your bottom line the most.

View your usage history

Download your interval data

Monitor, measure, compare and forecast your electricity and/or gas power consumption.

You''ll be able to access 30 minute interval data to understand your peak demands.

Put a plan in place to reduce your energy usage, carbon footprint and save some cash.

Access interval data

Set your air conditioner to between 22 and 24 degrees

Naturally, you’ll need more energy to cool the air if you choose a low cooling temperature, and vice-versa. Even 1°C difference will increase running costs for your business.