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Vision & values

To become the energy provider of first choice, we must stand out. To be a successful energy business, we must develop products and services our customers want, move to a sustainable cost base and optimise value across our portfolio.

Our values

Our values will enable us to achieve our vision. Our values support the strategy and are integral to driving the business towards success.

They are the unique qualities we look for in all of our people. By staying true to our values we will be the first choice for our customers, a leader in our industry and a valued partner to other industries.

innovationInnovation - Dare it

Innovation is a state of mind; a belief that there is always a better way to do things. We embrace change and shape our future. We are agile and insightful. We are leaders. We explore possibilities.

accountabilityAccountability - Own it

Our world has never relied on energy more than it does today. We have a responsibility to do everything we possibly can to drive energy solutions. We relentlessly step up to solve problems, we own the solutions, we always deliver, and we demonstrate this leadership behaviour over and over again. We deliver for our community, our customers and each other.

collaborationCollaboration - Share it

We have shared goals. We seek and share ideas, and leverage off the knowledge and experience of each other. We keep each other honest, respect each other’s abilities, and we celebrate together when we achieve our goals. We are one team; one Synergy.

trustTrust - Show it

We have faith in each other. We are experts in our field. We can be trusted to make uncomfortable decisions to build a better business. We are brave and committed to each other. To approach everything we do with this mind-set, means we will be trusted by our customers and community.