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Synergy Midday Saver

What you need to know

By shifting your electricity use to during the cheaper Off Peak or Super Off Peak time periods, you could save on your electricity costs.

As a time of use plan, the Synergy Midday Saver offers three different time periods with different electricity charges for your electricity use, which can result in cost savings if you can shift your use from the Peak time period.

There are three time periods that apply each day:

Smart Home Plan Off- Peak IconSuper Off Peak (9am to 3pm)
You could save by shifting your electricity use to this period.

Smart Home Plan On- Peak Icon Peak (3pm to 9pm)
Avoid or use less energy during this time as it has a higher charge.
Smart Home Plan Weekday Shoulder Off Peak (9pm to 9am)
A large window for electricity use at a rate between the Peak and Super Off Peak.
Item Price inc. GST
Supply charge 126.0750 cents per day
Everyday Super Off Peak electricity charge 8.4050 cents per unit
Peak electricity charge 52.5313 cents per unit
Everyday Off-peak electricity charge 23.1138 cents per unit

Calculating your cost

The electricity charges during the Super Off Peak and Off Peak time periods on the Synergy Midday Saver are lower than the electricity charge for the standard Synergy Home Plan (A1) (the regulated residential tariff). The electricity charge during the Peak time period on the Synergy Midday Saver is however higher than the electricity charge for the standard Synergy Home Plan (A1) (the regulated residential tariff).

A smart meter or AMI meter records the amount and time of day the electricity is used. The rate applicable during that time period is then charged based on your usage.

For more information visit the Help & Advice section for information and FAQs on electricity.

Other fees & charges, including meter prices

Other fees and charges may apply, including the charges for reprogramming or installing a compatible meter.

Building a new home?

For customers building a new home where electricity has not yet been connected, please discuss your intended electricity usage requirements with your electrical contractor or builder and ensure the most suitable meter is installed.

*If a new meter or reprogramming of your existing meter is required, the meter installation or reprogramming fee will be charged in full on your next Synergy bill.

Fees & charges Price inc. GST
Meter reconfiguration fee $ 106.92
Meter reconfiguration fee - remote $ 39.38
Meter testing fee $ 340.40
Meter testing fee Concession $ 144.00
Special meter reading fee $ 25.96
Special meter reading fee - remote $ 20.46
Meter upgrade fee $ 105.93
Don't forget the small print


Prices are subject to change from time to time and other fees and charges may also apply. Unless otherwise stated, all prices include GST and are effective at 1 July 2024. By law we calculate our prices to four decimal places. Electricity is charged by the 'unit'. A 'unit' is one kilowatt-hour (kWh).

The pricing details shown relate to Synergy customers connected to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), covering the area from Kalbarri in the North, down to Albany in the South and East to Kalgoorlie. For other areas of Western Australia outside of the SWIS please contact Horizon Power

The supply charge is the daily fixed charge element of your tariff which applies irrespective of how much electricity you consume.


If your supply address is located in a suburb where Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is available, to be eligible for the Midday Saver plan you must have an Advanced Meter. If AMI is not currently available in your suburb but becomes available at any time in the future, you will be required to upgrade your meter to an Advanced Meter to remain eligible for this plan. Customers on this plan who elect to ‘opt-out’ of AMI and do not upgrade their meter will be reverted to the Synergy Home Plan (A1).  

Reduce your electricity costs

Make the most of your Midday Saver rates

The Synergy Midday Saver product offers residential customers variable electricity charge rates depending on the time of day electricity is used. This can encourage residential customers to shift their electricity usage from the Peak time period (where the electricity charge rate is higher) to Off Peak and Super Off Peak time periods (where the electricity charge rates are lower).

Residential customers who own an EV may be able to benefit from the product if they choose to charge their EV outside of the Peak period, to take advantage of the Super Off Peak rate between 9am and 3pm or the overnight Off Peak rate from 9pm to 9am.

There are appliances that are easy to use in Off Peak and Super Off Peak time periods. You could wash your clothes in the morning, run your dishwasher after 9pm or the next morning and give your air-conditioning a rest during Peak time periods.
You could even have a timer fitted to your electric water heater, reticulation, bore or pool pump to use them during the Super Off Peak or Off Peak time periods. Also, take a quick look at your existing appliances. You might be surprised to find that the washing machine you've been using for years actually has a timer.
For more electricity saving hints and tips, visit our Energy Tips section

Green Energy

You could reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting some of your electricity use with energy from renewable sources.

Green energy options

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It's easy to switch to the Synergy Midday Saver online in less than 5 minutes. Just have a copy of your bill details handy...

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Once your application is received, if required we'll send Western Power to your property to reprogram or replace your meter with a compatible one.

And if Synergy's Midday Saver isn't working for you, you can switch back to a Synergy Home Plan® anytime.


I'm moving

  1. Whether you’re moving in or out, you can create or transfer your electricity connection online in less than 10 minutes
  2. Just have a copy of your bill, new address and meter number handy to get started
  3. It takes around 3 business days (excluding weekends) to get you connected and you’ll receive your first bill after that

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I'm building

You or your builder can set up your temporary or permanent supply online. 

  1. Make sure Landgate has titled your land as you'll need to provide us with the lot number
  2. Firstly, check your property has underground power (the shiny green dome) or call Western Power on 13 10 87 to confirm

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