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Energy tips

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be difficult, just start with one tip, like only running your washing machine with a full load. Once you’ve implemented one tip, you can move on to another, like switching appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them.

See what others are doing

We challenged some West Australian families to implement our most popular energy efficient tips. Chances are, there’s a household like yours and you’ll be able to see how your usage compares. 

Meet Mark & Lindy

3x1 house, 2 adults. Reduced their usage by 32% saving more than $100* per year
Don't forget the small print

*Source: Your energy savings - Australian Government, Department of Industry and Science
*^Based on the median consumption data of a typical upright refrigerator sold in Australia around 2005 with a capacity greater than 450L. Source:
** Assumes each light is used four hours per day, 365 days per year. Cost savings are based on the running costs of 75W incandescent globes being replaced by 14W compact fluorescent lamps. Savings represented are electricity savings only and do not include the cost of purchasing new lamps. Source:
^^ Based on calculations provided by Western Australia's Department of Transport. source: Living Smart Households Program and Perth Solar City.*