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Is my bill estimated?

You can check if you're bill is estimated by grabbing a copy of your bill...

Look for the 'How much energy have you used?' chart half way down the bill. 

If your bill has been estimated, then the 'This bill' horizontal bar will be shaded white instead. 

There are a couple of reasons which may be behind your bill estimation:

  • The Western Power meter reader was unable to access your meter when they arrived for the reading. This may be due to a locked gate, dog or other obstacles that prevented them from accessing your meter.
  • If you're a registered, self reader and were unable to provide these details in time for your billing cycle, then your bill will be estimated as well.
  • If you have an interval meter and your bill has been based on partial estimated interval meter data, this may be due to a number of reasons. For example, a half hourly read was not available or it failed validation by the Network Operator, so the data has been substituted. 

If you'd like to query the estimation, please submit an enquiry or call us on 13 13 53.