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Energy management

Top energy saving tips for your business

Keep your thermostat at the right temperature

For summer that’s between 24-27ºC and for winter that’s between 18-20ºC.

Be guided by the energy star rating

When buying new equipment, the more stars the better.

Install energy efficient lighting

Lighting accounts for 10-25% of electricity bills, so it’s worthwhile.

Replace old refrigeration units

New fridges and freezers use 40% less energy than ones that are 15 years old.

Top tips for around the business

Understanding capacity charges

Implementing energy efficiency initiatives and reducing your consumption during peak periods can potentially reduce future capacity cost’s.

Find out how

Keep an eye on your bill

In order to save energy, you need to have a good Understanding of your business’ energy usage consumption.

Monitor your daily energy consumption usage and compare data with previous bills.

Make sure you're on the right plan

It’s a good idea to periodically check that the plan you are on is still right for your business. Get in touch with us and we'll check your consumption patterns to double check if there's a better energy solution.

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