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Planning for WA’s energy future.

Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System 2 (KBESS2) will be Synergy's second lithium-ion, large scale battery energy storage system in the SWIS. 

In developing KBESS2, our SynergyRED team are working on a range of innovative, industry-leading delivery concepts to create additional utility scale energy storage solutions for the SWIS.

This project is crucial to closing our coal-fired power stations, in line with the State Government’s announced retirement schedule to achieve its 2030 emissions reduction targets. Adding this volume of battery storage to the grid is required for large-scale renewable generation assets to be able to be connected to the network.


The KBESS2 battery will be located with KBESS1 at the existing Kwinana Power Station site, which was successfully commissioned in mid-2023.

The site is within the suburb of Naval Base on the Swan Coastal Plain, situated approximately 30km southwest of Perth’s central business district, 17km south of Fremantle and 5.5 kilometres northwest of the Kwinana town centre.

The site is within one of WA’s most important industrial areas. The land is comprised within the local government districts of Cockburn, Kwinana and Rockingham within the Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area.

KBESS2 will connect to the 330kV Western Power transmission system via existing infrastructure at the adjacent KBESS1 site.


Layout and size

This second battery at the Kwinana Power Station site will allow for up to 200MW/800MWh of additional energy storage capacity.

KBESS2 construction is currently in progress but it is estimated it will be around 350m in length and 150m in width and will have a number of containerised/modularised batteries and infrastructure such as inverters and transformers. Acoustic walls will also be constructed around the boundary of the battery. 



KBESS2 is currently under construction. CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited) will supply approximately 330 Enerc Plus, containerised liquid-cooling battery systems for KBESS2, while Power Electronics will provide 72 inverters.

Key project dates

Late 2022  Project scoping 
May 2023 Development approval obtained 
June 2023 Construction commenced
End 2024 Expected commissioning 



Aerial view of the Kwinana BESS site, with annotated markings showing KBESS1, KBESS2, the substation and other relevant assets on site


Annotated site map of the Kwinana BESS, showing the planned location for KBESS2


Frequently Asked Questions

When will KBESS2 be ready?

The anticipated commission date for KBESS2 to be commissioned is in late 2024.

Why another BESS in WA?

The SWIS is likely to need multiple battery energy storage solutions to support the retirement of Synergy's coal-fired power stations. So far, KBESS1 is Synergy's only battery project to be constructed and commissioned in 2023 but planning is in progress for KBESS2 and CBESS.

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