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WA’s first large-scale battery.

Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System 1 (KBESS1) is first transmission connected battery energy storge system in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). It is being developed to help manage stability in the grid and ensure reliable and effective power supply to the wider region.

The project was developed by our SynergyRED team and is being delivered by Synergy’s Future Energy team, with funding provided by the State and Federal Governments  


KBESS1 and its associated substation are located at the existing Kwinana Power Station site, which has been undergoing decommissioning since 2016.

This site is located within the suburb of Naval Base on the Swan Coastal Plain, approximately 30km southwest of the Perth central business district, 17km south of Fremantle and 5.5km northwest of the Kwinana town centre.

The site is located within one WA’s most important industrial areas. The land is comprised within the local government districts of Cockburn, Kwinana and Rockingham within the Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area.

KBESS1 connects to the 330kV Western Power transmission system via existing infrastructure at the site and a new 330/33kV substation.


Layout and size

The BESS layout for KBESS1 sits across a space of around 103m in length and 123m in width. It contains a number of separate, modularised batteries which are designed to help enhance stability and security of the network, to reduce the risk of electricity supply interruptions.

KBESS1 is approximately the size of 14 tennis courts and has a generating capacity of 100MW/200MWh, which makes it capable of powering up to 160,000 average homes in WA for approximately two hours.



KBESS1 was successfully commissioned in mid-2023. It is currently playing a significant role in maintaining energy security in WA's South West Interconnected System (SWIS).


Key project dates

May 2021  Development approval obtained 
July 2021 Batteries delivered to site 
 August 2021 Site works commenced 
 November 2021 Site works continued 
 2023 Commissioned

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this project benefit WA?

KBESS1 is used to help balance supply and demand in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), assisting with network stability and security and helping to reduce the risk of outages and electricity supply interruptions.

How will the KBESS1 work?

KBESS1 charges by absorbing excess electricity produced by solar PV systems during the day. It stores this energy and then discharges electricity into the network during periods of peak demand and later in the evening. This is when there is a higher demand for electricity in the grid, as the sun sets and the wind subsides in many locations. The battery is designed to charge and discharge quickly, to assist in managing volatility in supply and demand.

Why was Kwinana chosen as the location for this project?

The chosen site in Kwinana connects to the 330kV transmission system in the area. Land was available at the decommissioned Kwinana Power Station site suitable for the requirements of the project – and being in an industrial area, meant existing network infrastructure could be used.

How big is KBESS1?

The battery is 103m in length and 123m in width – around the size of 14 tennis courts. Its generating capacity is 100MW/200MWh, which makes it capable of powering up to 160,000 average homes in WA for approximately two hours.

Is this the only big battery for WA?

The SWIS is likely to need multiple battery energy storage solutions to support the retirement of Synergy's coal-fired power stations. So far, KBESS1 is Synergy's only battery project to be constructed and commissioned in 2023 but construction is in progress for KBESS2. A development application for CBESS has been submitted to Shire of Collie in September 2023 for approval.

Is this the largest battery in Australia?

No, the largest battery in Australia is the Victorian Big Battery, which sits just outside Geelong in Victoria. KBESS1 is, however, the largest battery in WA.

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