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Electricity bill calculator


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate my appliance electricity costs?

With home appliances making up over 35% of your household electricity bills in WA, find out which of your home appliances are costing you in electricity.

Use our appliance running cost calculator to see the average estimated cost in your electricity bill and learn ways on how to reduce your bill.

Other factors that can affect your appliance electricity costs include the make, model, age and efficiency of the appliance, appliance settings and how it is used by you.

How much will my electricity bill be?
To estimate how much your next electricity bill may be, you can track your usage history when you register for My Account. If you already have an account with us, simply log in to your account to compare your usage with similar households, access energy saving ticks and track your usage from any device.
How is my electricity bill calculated?

To calculate your electricity bill, Western Power supplies us with ‘meter data’ which is collected from your meter at regular intervals. With this information, we then apply your nominated electricity tariff or plan to calculate your bill.

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