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Energy plans

Explore our range of electricity plans for your home. One flat rate, so you know what you're paying anytime of the day or one variable rate to reduce your bill if you can switch more of your usage to off-peak times. Plus one simple plan to support your home business.

3 products available

Midday Saver

A time of use product with lower off peak rates

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Key features

  • By changing the time of your electricity use you could reduce your electricity costs
  • Energy type


  • Terms

    No fixed term

    You can switch to other tariff options, or cancel, anytime by providing us with 5 days' notice.

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Home Business Plan (K1) tariff

A cost-effective plan for your home business

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Key features

  • Ideal If you live and work in the same place
  • Enjoy the same rates everyday
  • Energy type


  • Rate type

    K1 Anytime + anytime stepped tariff

    Supply and usage rates are set by the WA State Government. The first 20 units used per day are charged at the residential anytime rate (A1 tariff). Business anytime (L1 tariff) and stepped rates apply thereafter.

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Rates and information for Synergy plans no longer offered including Synergy Smart Home Plan, EV Home Plan, PowerShift® (PS1), SmartPower (SM1) or the Synergy Hotwater Plan® (B1) can be found in the Standard Electricity Prices and Charges brochure.

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Rebates and concessions

Rebates & concessions

You may qualify for rebates that could make paying your bills easier.

Rebates & concessions
Green energy

Green Energy

Reduce your carbon footprint and purchase some of your energy via renewable sources.

Green energy options

Energy Saving Tips

Improving your energy efficiency doesn’t have to be difficult. Making small changes, one step at a time, can really add up.

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Looking to save on your energy bills? Make the shift & save with Synergy’s Midday Saver.

By shifting your home’s energy use to super off peak and off peak times you can potentially save on your bills. There’s some lifestyle changes that may need to occur for you to make the most of it.

Learn how this can be achieved and if it’s right for you.

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