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Unmetered electricity supplies

If your organisation needs to power streetlights, traffic lights, signs, railway crossing boom gates, bus shelters and telephone boxes you'll need an unmetered supply tariff.

Synergy provides unmetered electricity supplies (UMS) to local Government authorities, government agencies and approved providers of specialised services, within the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

Choose from 3 tariffs to get started

Synergy Street Light (Z) tariff

There’s a range of Z tariffs for approved Government authorities and agencies that need to power street lights. These vary by lamp type, wattage and turn off time.

View Z tariff rates

Synergy Traffic Light (W1) tariff

This is the tariff for approved government authorities or agencies that need to power traffic lights. Rates vary by the wattage of each light.

View W1 tariff rates

Synergy Miscellaneous Unmetered Supplies

This product has been designed specifically for equipment not connected to a meter. Charges are based on wattage and hours of operation.

View UMS charges


How do I apply for new unmetered electricity supplies?

You will need to apply for new unmetered electricity supplies using the Unmetered Electricity Supplies application form.