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Electricity generation

Our role in powering WA.

Electricity in WA is changing as we move into a new energy future. Here’s our guide to electricity generation and Synergy’s role as a generator in WA.

Wind power

Wind energy is one of the most widely used renewable energy sources in WA.

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Solar power

We’re harnessing the benefits of being in one of the sunniest parts in the world.

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Power stations

Discover where Synergy's power stations are located across WA.

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Pumped hydro

Find out the latest on pumped hydro in WA.

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Explore electricity generation

Learn more about Synergy's renewable and non-renewable electricity generation.


Our SynergyRED team is working with the WA State Government on a range of exciting renewable energy projects as part of WA’s energy transformation.

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Our Energy

Across the SWIS, around 34% of electricity is already sourced from renewable sources, including largescale wind farms and rooftop solar PV systems.

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