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Direct Debit by Instalments

Every business can go through busy and quiet times which makes it harder to control your cash flow. That's why we've added flexibility to our Direct Debit payment option so you can choose how often you pay your bill.

Manage your cash flow by paying smaller amounts more often

This simple process helps to spread the cost of your energy out between billing cycles (normally every 2 months) so it's better suited to your business needs.

You get to choose how much (from $20) and how often you make payments towards your bill. Pay via credit or debit card (a small fee may apply) or nominate a bank account (which is fee-free). You can track your payments via My Account and we'll only send you a (much smaller) bill if there's any amount due.

Make smaller payments more often

Choose how often

Select the frequency that works for you – weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Choose how much

Select an amount that suits your budget – anything from $20.

Choose how to pay

Pay via credit or debit card or nominate a bank account. A small transaction fee may apply.

Pay any shortfall when due

If you have an amount payable, you can pay this when your bill arrives any way you like.

Or... pay your bill in full whenever it's due

Choose this if you prefer to set and forget. We'll automatically debit the bill amount from your nominated account so you don't have to (a small fee only applies to credit or debit card payments).

Or... why not do both via Direct Debit!

Pay smaller amounts more often AND any possible shortfall, whenever your bill is due. You get the best of both worlds and can choose different payment options.

Set up Direct Debit now

Set up your preferred way to pay your bill via Direct Debit. It only takes a few minutes to set up, just have your card details or bank account details handy.

Get started


Will I still receive a Synergy bill if I sign up for Direct Debit?

Yes! You'll still receive a copy of your bill so you can keep track of your usage and check the amount due. We'll send it by post or deliver it straight to your inbox, depending on your Paperless preferences. 

Set up Direct Debit now