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If you’re impacted by family and domestic violence, help is available.

Domestic and family violence can have a serious detrimental effect on a person’s physical and emotional health as well as their financial wellbeing. Family violence can happen to anyone and include a range of abuse and threatening, coercive or other behaviour that controls and dominates one family member.

If you fear for your own safety or wellbeing, or that of others, help is available. 

If you’re at immediate risk, call emergency services on 000 now.

For crisis support or someone to talk to about your options, call 1800 737 732 (that’s 1800 RESPECT).

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Read our family violence policy

Synergy's family violence policy outlines how we can assist you. 

Download the policy

Help with your electricity bills

Our customer support representatives have received specialised training to help customers experiencing family and domestic violence or are in vulnerable situations.

If you are affected or impacted by family or domestic violence, we can support you with options related to moving house, changing your account, managing your electricity bills – and accessing the support and resources that you need.

How we can help

  • Support with your energy account, such as increasing security or help to update your passwords or other information
  • Help with managing bill payments and accessing payment support
  • Dedicated team for ongoing support with your energy account

Call Synergy on 1800 637 985

This is a direct line to speak with somebody that can help you with your energy account if you’re experiencing or recovering from the impacts of family and domestic violence.

Call us if you need to:

  • Discuss your existing Synergy account and options related to any existing debt.
  • Make sure no more bills or reminders are sent related to an old account.
  • Create a new contract that has no connection to your old address or old account (at no charge).
  • Add extra security measures to protect your new account.

You can ask to speak to someone about our Fresh Start options for your energy account. If you’d like to speak to someone about your situation at home, call 1800 RESPECT – that’s 1800 737 732.

Support available to you

If it’s not an emergency and you need support, the organisations listed below are there to help you, or anyone you know, experiencing or recovering from family or domestic violence.

If any of these phone numbers or links have changed or don’t work for some reason, please try another option on the list. Help is available.


1800RESPECT National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service
This is a national phone and online counselling and referral service. 

Visit website  Call 1800 737 732


Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline
This helpline provides support and counselling for women experiencing family and domestic violence, and can provide a referral to a women’s refuge if you need.

Visit website  Call 1800 007 339


Djinda Service
This service is designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children in the Perth metropolitan area who affected by family violence and/or sexual assault. You can speak with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women, mothers and sisters who care about the future of Aboriginal communities. They have personal and professional experience and understanding of family violence.

Visit website  Call (08)6164 0650


Crisis Care
This helpline is for information and counselling service you can call if you’re in crisis and need urgent help.

Visit website  Call 1800 199 008


Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline
This helpline provides counselling and referrals for male perpetrators, as well as male victims of family and domestic violence.

Visit website  Call 1800 000 599


MensLine Australia
This is a 24/7 support service for men and boys dealing with family and relationship difficulties. Support for men who are concerned that their behaviour is hurting the people they care about.

Visit website  Call 1300 78 99 78


Sexual Assault Resource Centre
Get access to a range of free services available to people affected by sexual violence.

Visit website  Call 1800 199 888


Aboriginal Family Law Service
Find legal and support services if you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who has experienced family violence or sexual assault.

Visit website Call (08) 9355 1502


National Debt Helpline
If family violence has caused financial hardship, you could get the help you need through this service.

Visit website


Daisy is a free app that connects you to services in your local area. This app was developed and safety features to help protect your privacy.

Visit website

Speak to a Synergy customer support representative today for confidential help related to your electricity account

Call us on 1800 637 985

Remember, if you fear for your own safety or wellbeing, or that of others, help is available.
Call 000 (triple zero) in an emergency or call 1800 737 732 (that's 1800 RESPECT) for counselling and other support options.