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Electric vehicles (EVs) are a way forward which could help reduce carbon emissions and pollution for Western Australians.

Synergy and Horizon Power are working with the State Government to create Australia’s longest Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network (the WA EV Network). Once completed, EV drivers will have access to 98 EV charging stations across 49 locations, from Eucla at the South Australian border to Kununurra in the far north of Western Australia.

The initiative is part of the State Government's Electric Vehicle Strategy and aims to boost EV uptake in WA to help reach the State Government's target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. View the EV Strategy.

WA’s energy future is for us all, which is why Synergy continues to explore innovative technologies which could help to create a cleaner, more sustainable and more reliable energy future for our customers. 





Charger status






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Finding EV chargers

PlugShare is an open source tool that is free to use and lets EV drivers see information about most EV charging stations, along with details about charging speeds and plug types. PlugShare has a useful trip planning function that will show where various EV charging stations are located along your chosen route. You can download the PlugShare app from the app store.




Charging Instructions

When you arrive at a charging station that is part of the WA EV Network, most stations will have one DC fast charger with two outlets and, a separate backup AC charger.

The charging stations are managed by Chargefox and their terms and conditions apply to the use of the chargers that are part of the WA EV Network.*  We recommend downloading the Chargefox app via the Apple App store or Google Play Store. In the app you can find, use, and pay to use the charging stations. There is also the option to order a Chargefox RFID Card that can be used to initiate and pay for charging at any Chargefox location. Find out more. The third option is to use the separate EV Charge Payment Kiosk at each location which allows users to pay with a credit or debit card.

Each dual outlet fast DC charger enables two vehicles to charge at the same time. These chargers have integrated cables with CCS2 plugs which are compatible with most EVs.

The backup AC charger requires users to supply their own Type 2 cable.

For detailed instructions on charging visit 

*For Chargefox terms and conditions visit

Ways to make EV charging easier for all

  • Only use the EV charging parking bays if you are charging your EV.
  • Actively monitor your EV charging session and ensure you remove your EV as soon as charging has completed to avoid paying idle fees that have been introduced from July 2023 (see below FAQs).
  • Plugs are locked into EVs when in use. Trying to remove the cable without unlocking it first could cause damage to the EV charging station, your EV or may be a safety risk.
  • If the charger is not working as expected, report the issue to Chargefox immediately via the app or call 1300 518 038.


EV charging network FAQs

How long will it take to charge my EV?
The network will be made up of rapid chargers which may be rated at different power levels. Charging times will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the charging station you use.
What type of plugs do the WA EV Network charging stations have?
  • The DC charger has two integrated cables with CCS2 plugs.
  • The AC charger has a Type 2 charging socket that requires the driver to supply their own charging cable to use it. 

Note: If your vehicle has a Type 1 inlet, you can use a Type 2 to Type 1 charging cable to charge your EV.

How do I find the WA EV Network charging stations?
  • Download the Chargefox app to find a charging station that is part of the WA EV Network and any other Chargefox managed chargers. In the app you will find a button to help you to navigate to the chosen charger location.
  • Download the Plugshare app or visit to view EV chargers available in the area and plan your trip.
What do I do if the WA EV Network chargers are faulty, needs maintenance or has been vandalised?

You can call Chargefox for assistance 24 hours a day on 1300 518 038 or use the Chargefox app to ask questions and report maintenance issues.

How much do the WA EV Network chargers cost to use?

Prices vary and can be found in the Chargefox app and on at the EV Charge Payment Kiosk at each location. Prices are subject to change.*

*For Chargefox terms and conditions visit 
What make are the WA EV Network chargers?

Depending on the location they are a mix of Kempower, Tritium and Chargemate chargers. See the Chargefox app for details of each specific location.

What is the difference in speed between the AC and DC chargers?
  • Fast DC chargers are intended to rapidly charge vehicles using an external DC (Direct Current) power supply. High power levels mean that most vehicles only need to charge for a shorter period of time.
    o A 150kW DC charger will take approximately 14 mins to add 200kms of range.^ 
    o A 75kW DC charge will take approximately 27 mins to add 200kms of range.^

  • The AC chargers at each WA EV Network charging location are intended to be used as a backup for the DC chargers. AC (Alternating Current) chargers utilize your vehicle’s on-board charger to charge its battery. The lower power level means that most vehicles need to charge for a longer period of time compared to a DC fast charger.
    o A 7kW AC charger will take approximately 4 hours to add 200kms of range.^
^Based on an average EV consumption of 175Wh/km (0.175kWh/km) or 17.5kWh/100km.
If there is an issue with the parking lot or parking bay for a charger that is part of the WA EV Network, who do I contact?

Please contact the local government for the respective location to report the issue with the parking lot or parking bay.

Can I still use the WA EV Network chargers if my phone isn't able to connect to the Chargefox app?
Should your phone have connectivity issues at the WA EV Network charging location, you can still use the chargers by paying and initiating a charge at the EV Charge Payment Kiosk. Follow the on-screen instructions at the kiosk.
What is an idle fee and when will I be charged this?
An idle fee is an additional fee incurred by a driver when EV charging is complete and remains connected to a charging station.  

The Chargefox app will notify drivers when their charge is nearly complete and again once fully charged at which time there is a grace period of 10 minutes to disconnect your vehicle.

For every additional minute a car remains connected to the fast charger after it is fully charged and after the 10 min grace period, an idle fee of $1 per minute will be incurred.
Why are idle fees being introduced?

Arriving at a charging station to discover fully charged cars occupying bays is frustrating and can prevent people from reaching their destination.
Idle fees are being introduced on our WA EV Network DC fast chargers to:

  • Maximise the availability of chargers and ensure as many people as possible can charge and get on their way.
  • Discourage drivers from occupying chargers after charging has finished.
  • Reduce barriers for more people to transition to an electric vehicle.
Who do I contact if I want to query the amount I have been charged?

Contact Chargefox on 1300 518 038 or via the Chargefox app in relation to prices and charges for the WA EV Network charging stations.

Who do I contact if there is a fire or emergency?

Contact emergency services immediately by calling 000 and move to a safe location.