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Discover how we’re all connecting to help keep our energy reliable and more sustainable. To create Synergy.

Because we’re Greater, connected.

Our energy is changing. WA is on a journey to evolve our state’s energy generation to include more renewable sources. Solar connects to batteries, that connect to homes, that connect to windfarms, that connect to businesses and the connections don’t stop.

Here’s how the energy system has been evolving in WA: 

  • Many households and businesses across the state are already using solar power. In fact, 36% of WA homes in the South West Interconnected System (or SWIS) now have rooftop solar.
  • At certain times of day, the combined power of all of that rooftop solar can generate twice as much electricity as the largest power station in the SWIS.
  • The number of electric vehicles (EVs) on WA roads has doubled in the past year, with EVs now making up 2.7% of all new vehicles sold in WA.

At Synergy, we’ve been investing in large-scale renewable generation resources, including our wind farm in Hopetoun and our solar farm in Greenough. With the State Government, the Big Battery is being built in Kwinana and we are supporting the development of Australia’s longest EV charging network

Step by step, WA is building a more sustainable future – and we’re here to lead the way.

Connecting WA to a future powered by more renewables

Connect to advice, support and energy management options

As WA steps into a more sustainable future, we’re here for you.

We have a range of support and tools to help you manage your electricity use and your Synergy account, including our self-serve My Account portal, a range of payment options and our blog to inspire your energy future. 


Explore our blog for inspiration and industry insight

From learning about WA’s energy system to taking control of the way you use electricity, discover plenty of tips, ideas and inspiration on the Synergy blog.

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We’re here to support you

If you need a bit more time to pay your Synergy bill or would like to pay in regular instalments, it could be easier than you think. We have a range of payment support options to help including payment extensions and payment arrangements.

Explore your options

Apply for concessions or rebates

We can help you find out and make the most of any rebates or concessions for your Synergy account, if you’re eligible. In many cases, you can apply online for most rebates or concessions in just a few minutes.

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Find out if time of use is right for you

If you’re eligible, choosing a time of use electricity plan, like our Synergy Midday Saver Plan, could help you to reduce your electricity costs if you can switch your electricity use from the peak period to a different time to take advantage of lower rates.

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Offset your business carbon emissions

If you’re a business owner looking for new ways to help offset your carbon emissions, choosing our NaturalPower™ could be a simple option. It’s a GreenPower-accredited product where you can choose to offset all, or a percentage, of the carbon emissions related to your electricity consumption.

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We’re here to connect you with the tools, tips and information you need at every step of our renewable energy transformation journey.  Because we’re Greater, connected.




Make a difference to WA’s future

Everyone in WA plays a role in our transition to a renewable energy future. Be part of the transition to a renewable energy future, explore current opportunities to join the Synergy team.

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