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Power stations

Electricity generation in WA.

In WA, electricity is generated from a range of renewable and non-renewable energy sources. 

We have seven power stations across the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) which spans the area between Kalbarri in the north, Kalgoorlie in the east and Albany in the south.


Power Stations in the South West Interconnected System

In WA, our energy system was designed around coal-fired power stations, offering a generally cheap and reliable source of electricity generation. Coal is a fossil fuel and creates carbon dioxide through the coal-burning process.

Coal-fired power stations are now being phased out as part of the State and Federal Government’s move towards a low carbon future.

Our major power stations


There are two High Efficiency Gas Turbines at Kwinana that combine efficiency and flexible operating capabilities. There is also a 100MW/200MWh battery energy storage system known as KBESS (Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System). All units are operated remotely from the Pinjar control room.


Cockburn Power Station is located adjacent to the retired Kwinana Power Station. There is one combined cycle gas turbine which is operated locally. Combined cycle means that exhaust heat from gas turbines is captured and this heat is used to drive a steam turbine which greatly increases the efficiency of the unit.


Pinjar Gas Turbine Power Station provides vital backup power and is located approximately 50km north of Perth. The power station consists of six Frame 6 gas turbines and three Frame 9 gas turbines. These gas turbines are operated to supply electricity at times of peak demand, such as the hottest days in summer, and in emergency situations and for periodic testing.


Muja Power Station is Synergy's biggest power station, located 22km east of Collie. It was first commissioned in 1966 with eight operating units. Five of those units have been retired from service and the rest of these units are set to be retired by 2030 as WA phases out coal-fired generation.


This power station, like Muja Power Station, runs on coal from the Collie coal fields. Collie Power Station is a base load power station which is capable of producing up to 340 megawatts of electricity for the SWIS. This power station is also set to be retired by 2030 as WA transitions to a low carbon energy future.

Synergy's supporting power stations



This power station was built in 1990, around 50km south east of Geraldton but is actually controlled remotely from Perth. Mungarra Gas Turbine Station is fired by gas, with two gas turbines with the capacity to produce 75 megawatts of electricity. This power station plays an important role for voltage support at the northern end of the SWIS.

West Kalgoorlie

The Kalgoorlie Gas Turbine Station is used to provide emergency back-up electricity for our electricity network, especially in the Kalgoorlie region. It consists of two open cycle gas turbines with a total electricity generation output capacity of 57 megawatts, operated on distillate as the primary fuel. The power station is not attended with all turbines operated remotely from the Pinjar control room.

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