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How does self-reading your meter work?

You might choose to read your own meter because of meter access issues, or perhaps you live in an area of WA where it’s hard for Western Power meter readers to visit regularly. If you read and submit your own meter readings, you’re known as a “self-read” customer.

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Here's why your bill might have been estimated

There are a number of reasons your bill might have been estimated but these fall into two main categories:

  • Issues with access to your meter – You might have received an estimated bill if a Western Power meter reader couldn’t get access to your meter. This could be because of your dog, a locked gate or other reasons determined by Western Power.


      If this happens, Western Power meter readers would normally leave a ‘Skip Read’ card in your letterbox to give you details about the access issue – and what you can do.


  • Issues with your self-read information – You might be what we call a “self-read” customer, which means you read your own meter. This might be your choice or because you live in an area where Western Power meter readers can’t visit regularly.


If you’re a self-read customer and for some reason there’s an issue (e.g. you don’t submit your meter reading in the required timeframe), your bill will based on Western Power’s estimate.

These are the most common reasons your bill might be estimated. Please visit the Western Power website for more details about your meter readings.

Other FAQ's

Will there be any interruptions to my gas supply when I switch to Synergy Gas?
As long as your gas meter can be upgraded to support an interval metering device, it’s unlikely your supply will be interrupted.
Do I need a new meter to participate in DEBS and how do I arrange this?
To participate in DEBS you’ll need to have a bi-directional energy meter that is capable of separately measuring and recording electricity flows in each direction - how much energy you consume from the grid vs. how much excess energy you export back to the grid from your distributed energy system.
What is a MIRN number?
MIRN stands for Meter Installation Reference Number - this is the unique number used by our gas supplier (ATCO) to identify the gas meter at your premises. Your MIRN can be found on your bill.
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How do I get the temporary meter removed?
Call us on 13 13 54 to arrange removal. We'll arrange with Western Power to remove the meter for you. Please note, a temporary supply removal fee of $484.00 is charged by Synergy in order to recover costs charged by Western Power to visit a site and remove a temporary supply.
How do I read my electricity meter at my premises?

It all depends on what type of meter you have. Western Power, the network operator, owns and maintains the meter at your premises and is responsible for reading or estimating your meter - unless you're a self reader.

For detailed information on ‘how to read your meter’, please read the Western Power meter reading FAQs.

How long does it take to connect a meter to our building site?

It depends on how many steps below you need completed to connect your site:

  1. First, check for underground power installed on your block. Look for a shiny green dome or call Western Power on 13 10 87 to confirm or to install your dome.
  2. Apply for a new connection with us - we'll process your request within 3-5 days and issue you with a reference number:
  3. Pass on the reference number/s on to your builder or electrician.
  4. Your builder/ electrician will liaise with Western Power to get your meter installed and connected to the grid. Allow 5 working days in a metropolitan area, and up to 10 working days in rural areas.

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