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Sometimes changes in your household, community and even global events can have an impact on your electricity use, your situation and your income. We’re here to help make sure no one is left behind. 

You might need a bit more time to pay your Synergy bill, a payment arrangement to pay in smaller amounts or ways to find other support you might need. We have a range of different payment and support options available to help make tomorrow easier. 

Explore our options to find the right solution for you.

Need more time to pay?

Getting help with your Synergy bill is probably easier than you think. If you just need a bit more time to pay or would like to pay regular instalments to get a bill paid, you can apply for a payment extension or set up a payment arrangement.

Payment extension

Sometimes you need a little more time to pay your bill. If you’re planning to pay your bill in one payment and just need to extend the due date from what’s listed on your bill, this is known as a payment extension. It takes just a few moments to apply for a one-off payment extension - you will just need a copy of your bill handy.

Best for

This could be a good option for you if:

  • You need a one-off payment extension for a bit more time to pay.
  • You have a bit less cash than usual this month.
  • Your bill is a bit higher than you were expecting.
  • You’re facing a lot of different expenses at once.
  • You’re waiting to be paid by your employer or a client.
  • You’re juggling different payment deadlines for other expenses or bills.
Apply for a payment extension

Payment arrangement

When money is tighter than usual, things can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help you deal with your Synergy bill. If you’re finding it hard to pay your bill all at once, a payment arrangement could help to take the pressure off. We may be able to help you with an interest-free and fee-free instalment plan where you pay off the amount in smaller amounts over a longer amount of time.

Best for

This could be a good option for you if:

  • Your income or financial situation has changed.
  • Work conditions have changed for you or someone in your household.
  • You’ve had health or other challenges to deal with.
  • You’ve experienced domestic or family violence.
  • You’re struggling to budget because of unexpected expenses.
Set up a payment arrangement

More help is available

Sometimes you need more than a payment extension or arrangement to help you get back on track. If you need more help, you’re not alone - and we have a range of options and support to help you.

Financial help and other options

We have a range of financial help and other support options to help you stay connected.

Explore your financial support options

Other ways we can help

Use our energy tool

Learn about your Synergy bill, get energy-saving tips, compare your electricity use and more.

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Rebates and concessions

Check if you could be eligible for rebates or concessions to help manage your electricity costs.

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