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Why is my bill so high?

There are many factors that can influence the size of your energy bill - and the cost of electricity is just one of them. If your bill seems higher than normal - or you'd like it to be lower - here are some things to consider.

What's the weather like?

Western Australia is a land of extremes, and these temperature shifts can strain your power usage. While hotter temperatures often demand an increase in air conditioning use, cold temperatures prompt people to turn on heaters or electric blankets.

In both of these situations, more power is being used than is necessary. Ask yourself where you can limit your electricity use.

How many appliances are in use?

We've never relied on energy more. The modern home is defined by electrical appliances - some of which use significantly more electricity than others. The easiest way to save power is to switch everything off at the wall when it's not in use.

Try our energy tool 

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For an accurate reflection of when your household is using the most energy, log into My Account and check your usage history and compare with your suburb's average.

Tell us a bit about your household profile to receive, custom energy saving tips so you can put an energy saving action plan in place.

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Is it time to go solar?

Plenty of households around the country have already embraced the sun's energy to power their home. Is your home next?

Find out if solar is right for you

Set the air conditioner temperature just right for the season

The ideal temperature in summer is 24 degrees, and between 18-20°C in winter. Even 1°C difference can increase running costs.



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