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Synergy 2017 annual report

Synergy Chief Executive Officer Jason Waters discusses the company’s FY17 Annual Report, financial performance and focus for FY18

Synergy 2016 annual report

“The 2015-16 financial years represented another 12 months of Synergy overcoming the blistering challenges to the electricity sector resulting from disruptive technologies and, laying the foundation for future sustainability. We have developed a corporate strategy with a strong focus on delivering the new products and services demanded by our customers…"

Synergy 2015 annual report

“Today the energy sector has clearly encountered gale force winds and is faced with 'creative destruction' threatening the traditional energy utility model. Synergy is in the middle of the storm; an exciting, threatening and challenging place to be..."

Synergy 2014 annual report

“Synergy’s excellent performance across a range of deliverables this year has set the scene for the years ahead. Our diverse energy portfolio and our increased ability to provide better, more efficient energy solutions to customers positions us well to respond to the changing market..."

Verve 2013 annual report

“My time as Chairman has confirmed the view that I previously held that Verve Energy, as Western Australia’s largest electricity generator, plays a critical role in the reliable, secure and efficient supply of electricity to the State. The performance of Verve Energy’s generating portfolio was very pleasing…

Synergy 2013 annual report

“Our focus has now increasingly moved to our customers and the service we offer them. We have conducted a deep review of how we can improve as a truly customer-focused organisation and the results are showing in our customer measures, but we all agree there is still much to do…

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