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Maximising your solar investment

Maximising your solar investment doesn’t have to be hard work. It simply requires small behavioural changes which could see you reap the benefits!

Unless you have a battery or storage device, the solar power you generate (which occurs during the day) also needs to be used during the day.  Here is some great energy saving tips to help you get the most out of solar!

You're hot and you're cold

Heating and cooling accounts for up to 18% of your energy bill. Make the most of solar by using your air-conditioned/ heating unit mid-afternoon to get your home to an ideal temperature.

Charge Smart

Your solar panels only produce electricity you can use during the day, so make sure you recharge your devices such as cordless or mobile phones, laptops, tablets, electric toothbrushes and cordless vacuum cleaner during the day.

Set the fridge just right

Every degree lower a fridge or freezer is set uses 5% more energy. Ideal is to set the fridge between 3 to 4ºC and the freezer between -15 to -18ºC. ^^

Switch to energy saving lightbulbs

Save up to $220 a year by swapping 10 existing incandescent globes with compact fluorescent lamps.