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Synergy Charity Accommodation Plan® (D1) tariff

Don't forget the small print

Effective 1 July 2022. Prices are subject to change from time to time and other fees and charges may also apply. Prices listed include GST unless otherwise stated. By law we calculate our prices to four decimal places.  


What you need to know

The Charity Accommodation Plan (D1) tariff is a Government regulated electricity tariff specifically designed for charitable or benevolent organisations providing residential accommodation. If you believe your organisation is eligible, please apply in writing and return the application to Synergy.

Eligibility criteria

The Synergy Charity Accommodation Plan (D1) tariff is currently available to premises that:

  • Are wholly used by a charitable or benevolent organisation for providing residential accommodation other than for commercial gain
  • The A1 tariff (single dwelling, residential use only) is not available/ does not apply

The eligibility criteria may change from time to time.

Calculating the cost

The Charity Accommodation Plan (D1) tariff includes a charge for additional residences. The first 5 beds are charged at one price, and each additional 5 beds at a lower supply charge. See below for pricing. 

Item Price inc. GST
Supply charge - first 5 beds 102.5718 cents per day
Supply charge - each additional 5 beds 38.0284 cents per day
Electricity Charge 26.0605 cents per unit
Other fees & charges
Other fees and charges may apply. All prices listed below are correct as at 1 July 2022 and are subject to change.
Fees & charges Price inc. GST
Account establishment fee $ 35.40
Cheque dishonour fee $ 2.55
Credit or debit card transaction fee American Express 0.84 %
Credit card transaction fee MasterCard 0.77 %
Debit card transaction fee MasterCard 0.43 %
Credit card transaction fee Visa 0.90 %
Debit card transaction fee Visa 0.39 %
Direct debit dishonour fee $ 2.55
Disconnection of overhead house premises fee $ 194.00
Meter reprogramming fee $ 96.50
Meter reprogramming fee - remote $ 35.00
Meter testing fee $ 336.15
Over the counter transaction fee $ 2.10
Overdue account notice fee $ 6.15
Paper based bill fee $ 1.20
Reconnection fee $ 31.10
Rejected payment dishonour fee payment made at Australia Post $ 29.00
Supply abolishment fee $ 518.10
Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme administration fee $ 21.90
Special meter reading fee $ 27.90
Special meter reading fee - remote $ 17.60
Subsidiary electricity meter rental fee $ 0.1597 per day
Meter upgrade fee $ 96.50

Connect today with a Charity Accommodation Plan® (D1) tariff

Apply in writing

Please download an application form and return this form, along with your supporting material, to: 

Synergy Customer Service Centre
GPO Box K851 
Perth WA 6842

D1 Application form