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Our people

Synergy’s executive leaders operate across eight key business units and are responsible for driving strategic initiatives to meet our corporate purpose and vision. 

Jason Waters

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jason was appointed CEO of Synergy in January 2014 following the merger between Synergy and Verve Energy. Prior to this he was the CEO of Verve Energy. Jason has 25 years’ experience in the State’s energy sector.

Amit Kabra

Acting General Manager Finance and Business Services

Amit is a senior finance professional with national and international experience who joined Synergy in 2013. His responsibilities include delivering high quality governance, insights and support in the areas of finance and procurement including treasury, insurance, credit and facilities management.

Gary Peel

General Manager Transformation and Technology

Gary has over 14 years of experience in the energy sector and has been a member of Synergy’s executive team since 2016. His focus is to drive the delivery of Synergy’s strategic commitments and manage information technology to improve efficiency and delivery. 

Kurt Baker

General Manager Wholesale

Kurt was appointed to the Synergy executive team in 2014. His primary role is optimising Synergy’s wholesale portfolio, managing fuel and electricity trading activities, contract management and marketing electricity and wholesale products. 

Andrea Chapman

Acting General Counsel

Andrea is a lawyer and governance professional with 30 years of experience, including extensive experience in the energy industry. Andrea has responsibility for providing guidance on corporate governance including risk, audit, compliance and legal services.

Barry Ford

General Manager Generation

Barry joined Synergy in 2012 and has 25 years of experience working with energy infrastructure businesses in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. His primary role is to manage Synergy’s generation operations.

Colin Smith

General Manager Customer Experience

Colin has over 25 years of experience in retail and has been leading sales and service operations in the energy sector for nine years. His responsibilities are to lead Synergy’s retail operations including product sales, marketing and operations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Daniel Nocciolino

Acting General Manager Commercial

Daniel is an economic forecasting and planning expert with over 20 years of experience in the energy sector. He is responsible for shaping Synergy’s strategy, strategic direction and value proposition. His focus is to position Synergy as an energy leader by engaging key government, industry and community stakeholders.

Angie Young

General Manager Sustainability

Angie joined Synergy in 2014 and has over 20 years of experience in human resources. She is responsible for Synergy’s culture and delivering people services including human resources, talent and development, health, safety and environment.