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Our people

Synergy’s executive leaders across eight key business units driving strategic initiatives, and a temporary transformation office, to drive efficiencies, strategic initiatives and change to meet our new corporate vision and organisational values. 

Jason Waters

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jason was appointed CEO of Synergy in January 2014 following the merger between Synergy and Verve Energy. Jason has 25 years’ experience in the State’s energy sector, and prior to leading Synergy he was CEO of Verve Energy. 

Karl Matacz

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Karl has extensive experience in Western Australia’s energy sector with a career spanning more than 10 years at Western Power, Verve Energy and Synergy. He was appointed CFO at Synergy in 2014, and is focused on delivering effective financial stewardship through efficient financial control, compliance and analysis.

Gary Peel

Chief Information Officer

Gary was appointed CIO in 2016 and has extensive experience in the energy sector since 2005. As CIO, Gary's focus is to ensure the critical ICT systems are available for the organisation and its customers. 

Kurt Baker

General Manager Generation

Kurt was appointed to the Synergy executive team in 2014 from his previous role as general manager trading and fuel at Verve Energy. Kurt has primary responsibility for optimising Synergy’s wholesale portfolio, managing fuel and electricity trading activities, contract management and marketing electricity and wholesale products. 

Will Bargmann

General Manager Corporate Services

Will has been a practising lawyer for 25 years, he was with the former Synergy since its creation in 2006. Will has responsibility for the key governance functions of legal, health and safety, company secretary, regulatory, internal audit, risk and environmental compliance  

Barry Ford

General Manager Wholesale

Barry has 25 years’ of international experience working with energy infrastructure businesses in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Barry joined Synergy in 2012 and has an unwavering focus on safety, as well as discipline, knowledge capture and innovation. He is passionate about creating an environment which fosters team and individuals’ development and business growth.

Geoff Roberts

General Manager Commercial

Geoff was seconded to General Manager Commercial in April 2017 from his previous role as General Manager Retail, which he held from 2006. Geoff has played a key role in implementing Synergy’s retail strategy as the business prepares for more competition and a greater level of disruption from non-traditional players. This strategy has included the outsourcing of lower value transactional processes, relaunching Synergy’s brand in alignment with Synergy’s purpose, as well as expanding the product range to include a suite of solar offerings including solar PV and residential batteries. His depth of experience in retail has helped Synergy to become a more customer focused organisation.

Geoff’s key focus whilst in the role of General Manager Commercial will be to ensure Synergy capitalises on the renewable opportunities available, engage proactively with our new government, bring focus to the strategy discussion, drive digital and to give organisational context to the continuous improvement and innovation functions.

Colin Smith

General Manager Retail (acting)

Colin was appointed to Acting General Manager Retail in October 2017 from his previous role of Retail Sales Manager.  Colin has played a key role in supporting the transformation of the Retail business by providing customers with a greater choice of products and services through solar PV and batteries, driving lower cost operations and implementing a sales & service culture.

Colin’s focus whilst in the role of General Manager Retail is to ensure our customers receive excellent levels of customer service and to continue to lead the business through the disruption that is occurring across the industry.

Angie Young

General Manager People & Culture

Angie has 20 years’ experience in human resources. She joined Synergy in 2014 and is focussed on motivating people, attracting and retaining talent and maintaining workforce productivity.