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Solar Power

Harnessing the power of the sun.

Solar technology is developing rapidly as we transition away from fossil fuels. Around $3.8 billion is planned to be invested in new renewable energy infrastructure as part of the WA Government’s Energy Transformation Strategy, including solar farms, meaning even more of that famous WA sunshine will be put to work.


Solar Power in the South West Interconnected System

Solar power is a completely renewable source of electricity – but it can also create challenges keeping the electricity system in balance. While it’s easy to generate electricity from the sun when it's shining, solar can’t be used when the sun goes down, unless you have a battery storage solution.

We’re working with the WA Government and energy partners to help the South West Interconnected System to continue to provide reliable and affordable electricity as we transition into a renewable energy future.

Joint venture solar power assets

Greenough River Solar Farm

Greenough River Solar Farm, a Bright Energy Investments joint venture, was constructed 50 kilometres southeast of Geraldton in 2012 as Australia's first large scale solar farm. It was expanded in 2020 and now generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of the average electricity use of nearly 20,000 households.

Solar Power across the world

Across Australia and the rest of the world, the number of solar farms is growing. Solar power makes a lot of sense as a renewable energy source with the high amount of sunshine we receive in WA.

Large-scale solar installations – or solar farms – can include hundreds or even thousands of solar panels in the solar array. These are usually mounted on the ground and can include axis-rotating technology so the solar panels move with the sun. 

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Wind Power

Wind power is completely renewable and one of the cheapest ways to generate electricity, compared to other types of generation. 

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Power Stations

WA’s electricity generation mix includes energy from coal-fired power stations at Muja and Collie. 

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