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Commercial solar

The world is changing – and so are the energy needs of businesses. 

There’s never been a better time to explore renewable energy options, look to reduce your commercial carbon emissions or discover ways you could save on your electricity costs. WA’s intelligent energy future is here – and we’re here to help you make sense of solar options for businesses.

The benefits of commercial solar power

Potential electricity cost savings

The amount you could save on your electricity costs will depend on a number of factors including the size of your business, the way your business uses electricity and the size of the solar PV system.

Generate and use renewable solar energy

Powering your business with solar means you can harness WA’s abundance of sunshine to generate renewable energy for your business to use before drawing from the grid.

Boost your environmental credentials

An investment in renewable energy is an investment in the future, and in your brand. Savvy consumers are demanding more from the companies who supply them with goods and services.

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Find a solar supplier you can trust

The right solar supplier will work with you to understand what you need as a business, then make sure you understand exactly what’s involved with your investment, including the potential financial and environmental benefits.

Before you choose a commercial solar system for your business, you should work with your supplier to consider your available roof space, how and when you use electricity and your commercial energy goals. 

Here in WA, we recommend talking to the solar specialists at Solargain or Westsun.

The business case for a commercial solar system

Payback period

Installing a solar system tailored to your business's electricity use could mean increased efficiency, and a faster payback period on the upfront cost.

Energy goals

Whether you want to reduce your electricity costs or lower your carbon emissions, the right solar solution could help your business achieve its energy goals.

Discounts or rebates

For solar systems smaller than 100kW, you could be eligible to receive a discount if you trade your Small-Scale Technology Certificates.

Explore commercial solar for your business

The more you know about solar panels, batteries and inverters, the more you can take advantage of renewable energy opportunities for your business.

Quality solar panels are important

Perth is one of the world’s sunniest cities, so your business needs quality solar panels that can withstand conditions in WA. Choose a reputable supplier and learn more about which solar panels they use before you sign a commercial solar contract.

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Efficient inverters

Inverters are used to turn the direct current (DC) output from your solar panels into alternative current (AC) electricity your business can use. They play a crucial role in optimising your solar system.

We recommend inverters with the highest efficiency ratings are used as they will convert more solar energy to electricity to power your business.

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Battery storage for more solar options

With a commercial solar battery, you can store excess solar energy your business generates to use later. The best way to optimise your solar investment is generally to use as much of your solar energy your system generates as you can during daylight hours – or store it using a battery system to help power your business when the sun goes down.

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