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WA’s energy system is changing.

Renewable energy has been part of WA’s energy landscape for some time. In fact, the first wind farm in WA was opened in 1987

In 2018 Synergy Renewable Energy Developments Pty Ltd (known as SynergyRED) was launched as a wholly owned subsidiary of Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation, trading as Synergy. 

SynergyRED was established to provide vehicle and asset management and development services to Bright Energy Investments (BEI), Synergy and other customers and investors.

Since then, the WA State Government has developed a decarbonisation strategy to be delivered by 2030. Within this timeframe, our team at SynergyRED intend to deliver a range of exciting renewable energy projects to support the State's decarbonisation strategy.

We’re exploring, scoping, developing and, in some cases, expanding a range of solar and wind powered generation assets and large-scale battery storage projects. We’re also working with other energy experts in WA, Australia to identify other renewable energy opportunities.

How do SynergyRED projects support WA’s decarbonisation goals?

Reducing carbon emissions

By adding 410 Megawatts (MW) of electricity generation to new and existing wind projects and 1,100MW of capacity from new energy storage projects and retiring older generation assets, we’re aiming to reduce Synergy’s carbon emissions by an estimated 80%, compared to 2020 levels by 2030.

Retiring coal power stations by 2030

In 2022, the WA Government announced that the Collie and Muja coal-fired power stations owned and operated by Synergy are set to be retired by 2030. These will be replaced with large-scale centralised wind generation and battery storage systems.

Transition towards net zero carbon emissions

We’re working with our customers, industry participants and the WA Government to help transition to net zero carbon emissions, in line with the State Government’s commitment to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Continuing to put the WA community at the heart of the energy transformation

As the electricity system evolves, we plan to incorporate community centricity into our projects through early, open and honest communication and collaboration.

Adding more renewables to the SWIS

Fighting climate change

Transforming the electricity system, including the way we use and generate electricity, is an important aspect of combatting climate change.

More renewable energy for WA

We’re working on developing new energy solutions to help meet demand for sustainable electricity here in WA.

More renewable energy for WA

Contributing to Western Australia's decarbonisation strategy by developing more renewable energy generation sources.

Community Benefits

Building new infrastructure means creating job opportunities in local communities through the construction phases of projects.

Explore SynergyRED projects

Take a look at some of the renewable energy projects across WA we have been involved in.

Kings Rocks Wind Farm

Along with battery storage solutions, expanding and building wind farms across WA is an important part of transforming the State's energy future. Discover how we’re harnessing the power of the wind with King Rocks Wind Farm.

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Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System 1

Battery storage solutions are designed to store and distribute energy and can help support the security and reliability of the electricity system. Learn about our Kwinana Battery Energy Storage System 1 which was commissioned in 2023, a first for WA.

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Make a difference to WA’s future

Everyone in WA plays a role in our transition to a renewable energy future. Be part of the transition to a renewable energy future, explore current opportunities to join the Synergy team.

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