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Green energy options

By signing up to one of our green energy options, you’ll be supporting the continued investment in renewable energy sources and reducing Australia's carbon footprint.

Help us make a difference

While the green energy you buy won’t necessarily get to your home, your investment goes towards the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Australia's own national accreditation program - GreenPower. 

Green energy purchased by Synergy is fed in to the electricity grid where it mixes with energy produced from non-renewable sources; before being supplied to your home. How much is green, depends on how many RECs are purchased.

The more customers investing in green energy, the more we all reduce our carbon footprint.

Choose how much you want to contribute 

Going green can cost as little as 17 cents extra per day. You choose how much you want to contribute to purchasing EasyGreen or NaturalPower. The small amount extra you pay, is in addition to your daily electricity charges.

EasyGreen calculator

Buy a set amount of renewable energy between $10 - $80, each billing cycling.

Calculate your costs


Buy an agreed amount based on a % of your electricity consumption.

Calculate your contribution


Is Synergy an accredited GreenPower supplier?

Yes. Synergy's Albany wind farm, a Bright Energy Investments joint venture and part of the Albany Grasmere Wind Farm, is an accredited energy supplier for the GreenPower program and is cutting Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 65,000 tonnes per annum. That's equal to taking nearly 15,000 cars from our roads for one year.

NaturalPower for WA businesses

If you’re in business and looking for ways you might be able to lower your carbon emissions, explore our commercial NaturalPower options.

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