EasyGreen energy allows you to choose a set dollar amount of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to be purchased on your behalf by Synergy.

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  2. How will you help the environment?

    Renewable energy certificates (RECs) representing an amount equal to approximately 42.29% of your electricity consumption will be purchased from nationally accredited GreenPower renewable energy sources.

    Approximately 1.83 tonnes of C02 will be saved each year

    That can be compared to:

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      Powering 5.08 houses for a month
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      Removing 0.68 cars from our roads

    Calculations are benchmarked on a Toyota Camry 2.5L, average fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km travelling 15,000 km in a year.

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Quick tip

These figures are based on the average daily household consumption figures included above. For greater accuracy refer to your most recent bill for your actual household consumption levels.