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Bills & payments

Let’s be honest, bills aren’t the most exciting things in the world, but our tools make the payment process pretty straightforward.

Pay your bill now in just a few clicks

Just have your credit or debit card and your latest bill handy. A small transaction fee will apply.

Pay now

Payment extension

If you’re going to pay your bill in one payment but just need a bit more time, apply for a one-off payment extension.

Apply for a payment extension

Payment arrangement

If you’d like to pay your bill off in smaller payments over time, you can apply to set up a payment arrangement, with no added fees or interest.

Set up a payment arrangement

Understanding my bill

The bills we send out have a fair bit of important information on them, while most of it is pretty straightforward; there are some things that may need a little more explanation. 

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Why is my bill so high?

If your bill seems higher than normal, or you'd like it to be lower, here are some things to consider. 


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Set and forget with Direct Debit

When you set up Direct Debit, we’ll automatically debit the bill amount from your bank account, or your credit or debit card whenever the payment is due, so you don’t have to worry about it. A small transaction fee only applies to credit or debit cards - bank accounts are fee-free.

Set up now

Switch to Paperless with SMS reminders

Save on paperwork and get your bills and other account notifications delivered straight to your inbox. Plus, we'll send you an SMS reminder whenever your bill is due to be paid.

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Will I still receive a bill if I switch to Paperless?

Definitely. We'll just deliver your bill and any account notifications to your inbox instead. It's still the same bill - just with less trees involved and more convenient ways to open, print, file or share. If you need to switch back, you can!

Switch to Paperless now. Just have a copy of your bill handy


Where can I find my payment number?

You'll find this at the bottom right of your bill (that's the 10 digit number on the first page just below the dotted line).

Chris and Ernie have combined Paperless Billing, Direct Debit and My Account to make life easier. Find out how this helps them access all of the information they need quickly and easily.