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Why do I receive adjusted bills?


Estimated and adjusted bills - December 2021 to July 2022

  • Did you receive an estimated or adjusted bill for the period between December 2021 and July 2022? For more information, please read our FAQ.
  • If you receive a high estimated or adjusted bill and you need more time to pay, please get in touch with us. We’re here to help.


If you have received more than one bill in a billing cycle, this could be why:

  • Your Synergy bill is based on information we receive from Western Power - and sometimes they need to provide us with estimated data for your billing cycle. 
  • After your meter reading is available, this ‘substitute’ data will then be updated with what’s known as ‘actual’ data.
  • If we receive your actual data after we have billed you based on your substitute data, we need to then issue another bill. You might see a credit or a debit, depending on your actual electricity use. 

This is known as bill adjustment and means you could receive more than one bill within a billing cycle.