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How does self-reading your meter work?

You might choose to read your own meter because of meter access issues, or perhaps you live in an area of WA where it’s hard for Western Power meter readers to visit regularly. If you read and submit your own meter readings, you’re known as a “self-read” customer.

Here’s a quick guide to how the self-read process works:

  1. Generally, every two months Western Power will let you know when and how to submit your meter reading. They might let you know by text, email or a self-read card sent in the mail.
  2. You read your meter and submit the information using Western Power’s online portal, by calling Western Power or by posting your self-read card back to Western Power. (If you receive a self-read card and submit your reading online, your next meter read reminder will be sent by text or email, not by card.)
  3. You receive your Synergy bill.

If you are a self-read customer, it’s important to submit your reading in the timeframe that Western Power gives to you. If you don’t make the deadline, your next bill will be based on your estimated electricity use instead of what you’ve actually used.

Even when you’re a self-read customer, Western Power will need to visit your property and access your meter for a reading at least once every 12 months.

Please visit the Western Power website for more details about your meter readings.