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Electricity generation

There are a number of ways to generate electricity, and Synergy harnesses both non-renewable and renewable energy sources to ensure we have all bases covered.

What is electricity generation?

Electricity is most often produced at a power station where turbines are powered to spin, causing large magnets to turn within wire coils, or generators.

Wind turbines also use a generator while solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity.

Once we’ve generated it, it can be transferred to you.

Renewable and non-renewable resources

Renewable energy is a source of energy that can be replenished, and will never run out. The two renewable sources of energy Synergy uses to generate electricity are wind and solar.
Non-renewable energy are sources of energy that can not be replaced or replenished.You may have heard these referred to as fossil fuels and include coal, oil and natural gas. 

Wind energy

Wind energy is the most widely used renewable energy source in WA.

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Power stations

Find out where Synergy's power stations are located in the South West.

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Solar energy

Our Greenough River Solar Farm is one of Australia's largest solar farms.

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