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How many solar panels will I need for my home?
The location of your roof in relation to sunshine, shading, dirt on solar panels and temperature all play a part in maximising your solar power production.
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What effect could a battery have on my bill?
A battery will generally help to reduce your electricity bill. The electricity your solar panels generate using the power of the sun is free and the battery will make the most of the way you use this free electricity. Changing the way you use electricity is another way to maximise the savings on your bill. If you can shift most of your electricity consumption into daylight hours, this will help to make the most of your electricity and potential savings.
Understanding my solar bill
The bills we send out have a fair bit of important information on them, while most of it is pretty straightforward; there are some things that may need a little more explanation.
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Service Alert

The WA State Government is introducing emergency solar management requirements for new and upgraded residential rooftop solar systems with an inverter capacity of 5kVA or less that are installed or upgraded on or after 14 February 2022.

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