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What is emergency solar management?

Emergency solar management (also known as ESM, Distributed Photovoltaic Management or DPV management) refers to the management of rooftop solar systems. Put simply, ESM is the ability to turn down or turn off the capability of rooftop solar systems to generate solar energy remotely.

Presently inverters are not technically able to be turned down via remote management and so if ESM measures are required, rooftop solar systems will only be able to be turned off. In the future, technology may also allow inverters to be turned down.


How will emergency solar management affect my electricity supply and use?

Emergency solar management will not affect a customer’s electricity supply and use as when impacted rooftop solar systems subject to ESM will be temporarily turned off and back on again as required. Customers impacted will continue to have access to electricity supply from the grid in such cases but will not be able to generate solar energy for this period.

ESM – customer information

ESM applies to all customers who install or upgrade their rooftop solar systems after 14 February 2022 which have an inverter capacity of 5kW or less and participate in the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS). These customers include:

  • most residential properties (customers that consume < 50MW hours per annum)
  • any customer that is a school, university or other educational institution or a non-profit making organisation

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ESM – solar installer and supplier information

You play an important role in the adoption of new technology and the continued support of your customers. Solar providers must ensure their installations and upgrades to existing systems meet the Western Power Basic Embedded Generation Connection Technical Requirements.

Solar providers will also continue to be responsible and the first point of contact for customers for any technical issues regarding their rooftop solar systems and any warranty claims regarding their rooftop solar systems and inverters under the Australian Consumer Law. 

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ESM Events and Event Tests

Information on ESM Events (low load event) and Event Tests from 1 January 2023 are available on the ESM low load events and testing page and in My Account. Event Tests will continue to be conducted periodically for monitoring and compliance purposes.