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Solar batteries

Solar battery options for your home

Your solar PV system generates electricity to help power your home while the sun is shining. If you have a battery, you can store excess solar energy to use when the sun goes down. 

Lithium batteries are the most popular option for home batteries, as they can charge and discharge at a high rate. These are also considered one of the safer options and can handle a range of climate conditions.

The cost of battery power

At the moment, the high cost of investing in battery power is a barrier for many households. As battery technology develops, battery prices could become more affordable in the future and make sense for more people. 

If you’re not ready to commit to a battery today but might be interested in the future, you could make sure that your solar panels and inverter are compatible with battery technology. Speak with your solar supplier about the best options based on your needs.

Top tips when considering a battery

  • When you’re comparing batteries, look for what’s known as total energy throughput. This appears as megawatts per hour and is the amount of energy your system can store and use over its life.

  • Some manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on the ‘cycle life’ of a battery but it’s important to also consider the chemical composition, charging times and depth of discharge. Your aim should be to choose a high performing option.

  • As your battery gets older, the amount of energy you can draw from it will gradually get lower. This means an older battery, even when it’s fully charged, just won’t be able to store and release the same amount of energy it used to.

  • Check if your battery system comes with an app or online portal. This could help you use real-time data to track how much energy you store and use which can help you to monitor your battery’s performance over time.

Battery power across WA

  • Big Battery Project
    A State Government initiative that will be roughly the size of 22 tennis courts, the Big Battery could have the capacity to power 160,000 homes for two hours.

  • Powerbank
    This is an Australian-first utility-scale battery trial happening right here in WA.

  • Alkimos Beach 
    See what the future might look like where everyone has solar in this community-scale battery trial.

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