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For over 30 years, Synergy has been leading Australia towards a better energy tomorrow. From the country’s first commercial wind farm, to the first utility-scale solar farm, we’ve always been at the cutting edge of renewable energy. Now, with a seismic shift towards intelligent energy sharing, generation and person-to-person trading, we’re ready to move WA forward into tomorrow once again. With no-one left behind. 

Synergy has always led the way to tomorrow

For over 30 years, Synergy has created many incredible renewables projects including:

Where to from here?
Over the next few years, Synergy is already committed to more trailblazing renewables projects including:

Expanding Greenough River Solar
We will help expand the Greenough River power plant to four times its current size, bringing the total generation capacity to 30MW (megawatts).

Increasing Wind Power in the Mid West
We’re building one of WA’s biggest wind farms in the Mid West, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions in WA.

Creating more EVlink Chargers
To make sure WA is ready for tomorrow’s electric vehicles, we’re adding EVlink charge stations around the state.