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It’s not hard to see how tomorrow’s energy is taking shape today. As rooftop solar and other types of renewable energy are becoming major energy sources for WA, our energy system needs to adapt. We’re working with the State Government to create a bright energy future for our state - and we’re making sure no one gets left behind.

Your role in WA’s energy system transformation

You could be one of the growing number of people here in WA embracing the power of solar. Perhaps you’re interested about different renewable technologies or you drive an electric vehicle. The future of energy has arrived and we’re here to help you find your way.

The DER Roadmap is the State Government's plan to meet a range of challenges and opportunities presented by distributed energy resources (DER).

WA’s energy future is for all of us. The adoption of more renewable generation in WA means we need to shift some of our energy demand. This is why you might have seen us talking about low load and managing what’s become known as the Duck Curve.

We’re working with the State Government and the energy industry to find new ways to meet our collective energy needs and encourage the next generation to get involved. This includes trialling virtual power plants (or VPPs), starting with the Schools VPP pilot project.

We’re exploring how to connect communities with large-scale battery technology. Closer to home, you might already be making the most of an advanced meter to take more control of your electricity use.

WA’s energy system is evolving - and there’s much more to come.

As we explore new ways of generating, storing, sharing and using energy, we’re here to help you understand what it means for you and make the most of these opportunities in this new energy landscape.

Mapping WA’s future energy

WA’s energy system is changing - and we’re here to guide you, today and tomorrow.

Our current pilots

We’re working to support the transition to a renewable energy future with our pilots and trials.

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For you

We’re here to help you navigate WA’s changing energy landscape and help you discover the most affordable and energy-efficient solutions. 

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For our community

WA’s energy future is for everyone. Find out how we’re supporting our WA community through events, programs and a range of other activities. 

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