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How can I keep track of my usage?

In a busy work environment, it can be tough to keep track of your electricity or gas usage as your bill period progresses. With a number of employees and appliances all contributing to the load, how can you tell where the opportunities lie to save electricity or gas? 
Thankfully, Synergy provides our customers options that allow you to track your electricity or gas use throughout the month and see where peak times are.

Log into My Account to track your energy use 

Do you have an energy budget to keep track of? Log into My Account on the Synergy website to discover the how, what, when and why of your gas use.  
You'll also get access to your interval meter data, so you can get really granular to understand your peak demands, down to 30 minute intervals. This extra detail, allows you to monitor, measure, compare and forecast your gas consumption. 
Log in to My Account