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When you can't pay your bill

Everyone’s circumstances are different and may change. So if you’re having difficulties paying your bill on time, it’s 
better to let us know sooner rather than later. We have solutions to help make paying easier. If you leave it too late 
to contact us we may not be able to help. 
Subject to the Customer Service Code, if you don’t pay your bill on time and in full, amongst other options available to us, we can:  

  • Send you a disconnection warning 
  • Charge you an overdue account notice fee for each overdue account 
  • Charge you interest on the amount you have not paid; or disconnect your electricity supply. 
If you don't pay the total amount payable for any bill after we send a disconnection warning, we can refer you to a debt collection agency for recovery of unpaid amounts. If we do so, you'll have to pay any costs we incur to recover the unpaid bill, including the agency’s fees and legal fees. 
If your account remains unpaid and overdue for more than 60 days and we have sent you 2 notices requiring payment, we may give your personal and credit information to credit reporting bodies. This will allow the credit reporting bodies to create or maintain a credit report containing your personal and credit information. 
This may then limit your ability to obtain a bank, car or home loan, as loan default information may remain on your 
credit report for five years.  
Read our credit reporting policy for more information