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We do our best to avoid it, yet there are times when we have to disconnect the electricity supply to your property. 
In any of the circumstances listed below, Synergy or Western Power may (without limiting any other options 
available to us) arrange for disconnection of the electricity supply to your premises if: 

  • You have moved into the premises without telling us and have not established an electricity account 
  • You receive a disconnection warning for non-payment and we still have not received payment of your account by the date specified in the warning 
  • You have obtained electricity illegally 
  • You have denied Western Power access to the meter at your premises for more than 12 consecutive months 
  • In the event of a power supply emergency or a planned or unplanned outage 

In the event that disconnection of electricity for non payment is necessary 

We'll take a number of prior steps to try and keep you connected, including: 
  • Send you a bill 
  • Send you a payment reminder including our contact number for billing and payment enquiries and advice on how we can assist if you are experiencing payment problems 
  • Use our best endeavours to contact you by telephone or electronically (if you have provided us with your relevant contact details) 
  • Send you a disconnection warning 
  • Provide alternative payment arrangements and, where eligible, arrange concessions or rebates to assist you paying your bill 
Please call us on 13 13 53 if you are experiencing payment problems - we're here to help. 

When we won't proceed to disconnection  

 We will not proceed to disconnection in any circumstance where we are prohibited from doing so, by the Customer Service Code, in the following instances: 
  • If you're medically certified as requiring life support equipment (as defined under the Customer Service Code) and you have successfully applied to Synergy for life support equipment registration
  • After 3pm Monday to Thursday, after 12 noon on a Friday, on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday or on the business day prior to a public holiday; or 
  • If you've made a complaint directly related to the reason for the proposed disconnection to Synergy, Western Power or the Energy and Water Ombudsman, and the complaint remains unresolved 

If we fail to follow the required procedures (specified in the Customer Service Code) prior to disconnecting you for failure to pay your bill, you will be eligible to receive a wrongful disconnection service standard payment of $100 for each day you remain wrongfully disconnected.


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