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We understand it can be stressful when bills start piling up due to a change in income, illness or other personal matters. If you’re experiencing financial hardship don't worry you're not alone, whatever your situation, please get in touch. 

So what is financial hardship? It’s when you’re willing to pay your bills but do not have the money to do so. Some of the ways we can help include giving you some extra time to pay, or creating a payment plan.


Need more time to pay your bill?

If you're on holidays or just a little short this month - apply for a one off payment extension.

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Struggling to pay your bill?

Set up an arrangement so you can pay off what's owing by regular instalments.

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Hints & tips to help reduce your next bill

Take back control of your energy usage. One of the quickest and easiest ways to save up to $150 a year is by switching off appliances instead of leaving them on standby.

Standby power can account for more than 10%* of household electricity use.

Understand your usage (how much energy you consume around the home)

$266 is the average WA energy bill**. How do you compare?  Use our Energy Tools to review, compare and break down your bill.


Reduce your bill

Discover how your major appliances impact your bill and how to make small changes for big results.

See if you can save

Compare your bill

Find out how you compare to the households around you.

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Break down your bill

Find out what elements make up your bill.

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Synergy's Financial Hardship Policy

Learn more about Synergy’s Financial Hardship Policy. Available as a printable PDF.

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* Source: 

** Approximate only. Based on the average consumption of a residential customer who has completed the My Account household profile – calculated on an A1 tariff. Individual customer proportions will vary. Does not include solar.