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How can I keep track of my usage?

FAQYour businessHelp and adviceGasHow can I keep track of my usage?

In a busy work environment, it can be tough to keep track of your electricity or gas usage as your bill period progresses. With a number of employees and appliances all contributing to the load, how can you tell where the opportunities lie to save electricity or gas?

What is Direct Debit?

FAQYour businessHelp and advicePaymentsWhat is Direct Debit?

It’s the set-and-forget way to pay bills. If you sign up for Direct Debit, we’ll debit the charges on your bill automatically from your nominated bank account or credit/debit card, whenever your bill is due to be paid. Choosing Direct Debit means your energy bill is always paid on time, without you having to remember dates, or even lift a finger.

Need more time to pay your bill?

FAQYour businessHelp and adviceBillsNeed more time to pay your bill?

Then we're here to help. If you need a little more time to pay, then you can apply for a payment extension in just a few clicks. You'll have the option to extend your payment due date up until just before your next bill is due to be paid. Just have a copy of your bill handy. Request a payment extension

What does EasyGreen cost?

FAQYour homeHelp and adviceRenewable energyWhat does EasyGreen cost?

EasyGreen® lets you choose a fixed contribution ranging from $10 to $80 that gets added to your Synergy bill. Your EasyGreen contribution is in addition to the standard tariff you pay for the electricity you receive from Synergy. The tariff is set by the state government and is generally reviewed and reset annually, taking into account any cost increases.  Synergy will use your EasyGreen contribution to purchase an equivalent amount of renewable energy certificates (RECs) produced from nationally accredited GreenPower renewable energy sources. Learn more about green energy options

Where can I find my payment number?

FAQYour businessHelp and advicePaymentsWhere can I find my payment number?

You'll find this at the bottom right of your bill (that's the 10 digit number on the first page just below the dotted line).

How much energy will my solar panels generate?

FAQYour homeHelp and adviceSolar credits and upgradesHow much energy will my solar panels generate?

For many in Australia, solar power is still an unknown quantity, and they'll no doubt have a number of questions about how it affects their power bill. Synergy has prepared a range of resources for people to consider before signing up for the solar revolution.

What happens to my Direct Debit when I move premises?

FAQYour businessHelp and advicePaymentsWhat happens to my Direct Debit when I move premises?

Your can keep your Direct Debit arrangement in place to pay your final bill on your existing account.  When you move, we'll ask you to confirm or update your Direct Debit preference and details so we can make sure they're set up for your new property. You can manage your Direct Debit through My Account, or you can contact us and one of our friendly colleagues will assist you to re-establish your Direct Debit against your account at your new address. Manage your Direct Debit (via My Account)

How long will it take to receive a response to my Freedom of Information request?

FAQYour homeHelp and adviceFeedback and complaintsHow long will it take to receive a response to my Freedom of Information request?

Within 45 days you will be provided with a notice of decision which will include details such as:  The date on which the decision was made The name and the designation of the officer who made the decision If access is refused, the reasons for claiming the document exempt information on the rights of review and the procedures to be followed to exercise those rights.

What information do I need to get a gas quote?

FAQYour businessHelp and adviceGasWhat information do I need to get a gas quote?

To request a quote from Synergy you will need the following: Your ABN/ACN An email address A contact telephone number An energy bill issued by your current provider The NMI or MIRN for your electricity and/or gas meter (these are unique identifying numbers that can be found on your energy bill) Alternatively, if you don't have these details at hand, please request a call back or feel free to contact us on 13 13 54. We'll help find the right solution for your business.

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