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Why Synergy?

Synergy welcomes motivated and enthusiastic people to join our team. We value our employees and we strive to provide a safe, friendly and positive working environment.

  1. Upskilling

    Synergy strives to provide staff with learning and developmental opportunities. In fact, we have a Learning and Development team, who focus on leadership and culture building, developing specialist skills, and training staff on various business systems and applications.
  2. Embracing

    At Synergy we embrace employees form all walks of life. We pride ourselves in offering equal opportunities to our staff and our values strongly support the need for diversity in employment opportunity, growth and of course, culture.
  3. Valuing

    We believe in rewarding and recognising our employees' hard work. We value our employees' dedication and commitment and chose to celebrate individual, as well as team success at every opportunity. We also advocate peer recognition by offering a monetary incentive program called AMPS, which operates on recommendation and appreciation.
  4. Employee benefits

    - Access to flexible working arrangements
    - Opportunities to purchase additional leave
    - Opportunities to salary sacrifice
    - Social club access
    - Corporate partnership benefits such as discounted healthcare and insurance packages.


"I love the variety and challenge of working in a fast paced environment with a diverse group of talented people in Synergy, during a time in the energy industry where there is rapid change in consumer engagement in how they use and manage their energy consumption."

"I love that working for Synergy I get to have a fantastic work, life and social balance. I come in to a dynamic work environment where I work hard but at an incredibly satisfying job, where I get to work with fabulously talented and equally friendly people and where I can play corporate soccer or cricket on my lunch breaks."


"Synergy is a great place to work - the industry is constantly changing and adapting, so there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself and grow your skills. The product we offer is also essential to the everyday lives of Western Australians and it's rewarding to come to work each day knowing that we can make a difference in the community. Being in such a dynamic environment provides lots of opportunities for personal growth and career development."