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Synergy Business Saver

What you need to know

Choose the rate options to best suit your business:

  1. Anytime rates include a flat daily supply charge and one single rate applied anytime of the day or night.
  2. On/Off peak rates include a flat daily supply charge and a lower rate for off peak use. This is generally suitable if your business uses at least 35% of its power on weekdays between 10pm and 8am or at any time every weekend.
On peak  Weekdays: 8am - 10pm (includes public holidays)
Off peak  Weekdays: 10pm - 8am

 Weekends: 24/7


Energy costs

Synergy Business Saver is customised for your business’s unique needs and have tailored electricity rates. To find out how much you could be saving, contact us on 1800 730 265 or request a call back

Other things you need to know

  • You'll be able to track, monitor and forecast your energy usage for all premises in central spot with My Account 
  • You'll receive your invoices monthly, with 14 day payment terms
  • Regulated tariffs are determined by the WA State Government and changes typically occur on the 1 July each year
  • Off peak consumption must be not more than 75% and not less than 25%
  • If you want to exit your plan early an early termination fee will apply
  • Subject to Synergy approval for new customers
  • Interval meter (if required) at no upfront cost for better energy management
Item Price inc. GST
L3 Daily supply charge 175.6392 cents per day
L3 Electricity charge 35.6753 cents per unit
R3 Daily supply charge 3.4803 dollars per day
R3 Electricity charge - peak (8am- 10pm) 50.7650 cents per unit
R3 Electricity charge - off peak (10pm- 8am weekdays and all weekend- excludes public holidays) 15.2499 cents per unit
Compatible with

Combine your energy & increase your discount

Add a Synergy Gas Plan to any eligible electricity plan and save up to 30% on your gas supply. Terms and conditions apply.

Synergy Gas Plan

Solar for your business

Combine your plan with solar and see if you could save even more. Find out if solar is right for your business.

Commercial solar
Other fees & charges
Other fees and charges may apply. All prices listed below are correct as at 1 July 2022 and are subject to change.
Fees & charges Price inc. GST
Account establishment fee $ 35.40
Cheque dishonour fee $ 2.55
Credit or debit card transaction fee American Express 0.84 %
Credit card transaction fee MasterCard 0.77 %
Debit card transaction fee MasterCard 0.43 %
Credit card transaction fee Visa 0.90 %
Debit card transaction fee Visa 0.39 %
Direct debit dishonour fee $ 2.55
Disconnection of overhead house premises fee $ 194.00
Meter reprogramming fee $ 96.50
Meter reprogramming fee - remote $ 35.00
Meter testing fee $ 336.15
Over the counter transaction fee $ 2.10
Overdue account notice fee $ 6.15
Paper based bill fee $ 1.20
Reconnection fee $ 31.10
Rejected payment dishonour fee payment made at Australia Post $ 29.00
Supply abolishment fee $ 518.10
Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme administration fee $ 21.90
Special meter reading fee $ 27.90
Special meter reading fee - remote $ 17.60
Subsidiary electricity meter rental fee $ 0.1597 per day
Meter upgrade fee $ 96.50
Don't forget the small print

Effective 1 July 2022. Prices are subject to change from time to time. Prices listed include GST unless otherwise stated. By law we calculate our prices to four decimal places. Electricity is charged by the 'unit'. A 'unit' is one kilowatt-hour (kWh).

The pricing details shown relate to Synergy customers connected to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), covering the area from Kalbarri in the North, down to Albany in the South and East to Kalgoorlie. For other areas of Western Australia outside of the SWIS please contact Horizon Power.

* Gas offer applies to customers using at least 180GJ and spending up to $40,000 per year.

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  • We may ask you a couple of questions about your business and energy usage - it helps to have a copy of your bill handy.